The uncertainty is large under Niels Högels former colleagues. That no one has noticed something from the fatal Goings-on of the nurse, according to the eleventh hearing in the trial against 42-Year-old before the district court of Oldenburg’t say anymore.

However, the witnesses have a hard time with it, your memories to the court. Are you afraid of. Fear of criminal consequences. Fear, as a traitor. Fear against the force of one’s own feelings of guilt. The presiding judge Sebastian Bührmann is sought on Thursday to take the stuff inside, all the Fears. But not in every case succeed in it.

More than 100 patients, and patients should have killed Högel only in the Klinikum Oldenburg, then in the hospital in Delmenhorst between the years 2000 and 2005. Oh sayings:”, Högel service, then we need to resuscitate.” It’s nickname was: “scythe-Högel”, “rescue Rambo”. There was Ask the nurses and sisters, each other’s patients to watch, if Högel had service.

death in the cigarette break

Birgit S. was suspicious. And the nurse in the hospital in Delmenhorst spoke with colleagues about your suspicions. In court, the 53-Year-old told that she caught Högel, as he injected her patients. You confronted him, he convinced her that she made a mistake, he’ll correct now. He had pushed her then to make her take a cigarette break. No sooner were the stairs to the Smoke that had started the Alarm. A little later the Patient was dead.

Birgit S. was sure that Högel helped. At the beginning of 2003 it was. She spoke with the station Manager. She says that he got you drunk, you may do so, in intensive care units, people are dying. If you are not up to it, should you choose to find another Job.

she also spoke with a fellow colleague. This warned them not to make a character assassination, it is only a suspicion without evidence. The note threatened Birgit. “Then I have kept shut up,” she says to the judge. Högel’m keeping it more in view.

Birgit S., other colleagues started to search on your own to Prove it. Probably to prove to yourself that you saw no ghosts. They found empty vials of a heart drug that must be injected none of the patients on the ward. You caught Högel at the bedside of patients who were suddenly in a fight to the death.

“you are a great nurse!”

Birgit S. other appealed to nurses and nurses to their superiors. What happened with the Clues in the Individual, is unclear. Several senior clinic staff from Oldenburg and Delmenhorst will have to because the allegation of manslaughter by omission is still before the court to answer.

The feelings of former colleagues of Högel is complex. So also in the case of Birgit S. A co-plaintiff representatives, it was noticed that they looked to this day for a very long time to Högel on the dock. The defendant has not, noted the judge, he had also were looking for a place in the files he wanted to read to the witness. The victim advocate will ask the witness now what you’ve thought in the Moment, as they looked to Högel. The witness considered. Finally, she says: “I feel sorry for him.”

Högels defender is expected to have no compassion with your clients, you ask, what is the witness leidtue. “That to him none could help,” said Birgit.

The witness is a remarkable, brave woman. You feel, obviously very uncomfortable in their own skin. Judge Bührmann is trying to send a witness with a good feeling home. “You are a great nurse!”, he tells her goodbye. It even has it’s reinforced by your comment to Högel. Even in the event of an alleged serial killer, she sees a man would have had to be helped to keep him from murder.

“I don’t know what should I say and what I do not

should say” The next witness is almost rigid with fear. She, too, was once a nurse in Delmenhorst, also she has worked with Högel. The witness tried to the court either to make him believe that she has ever noticed anything or forget everything. Convincing all of this is not. Also, because there are statements of other witnesses, to indicate with her very well about Högel spoken. The judge asks, first gently, then more after the pressing. It’s all for nothing.

the Problem of a witness to your lack of Memory, but your memories seem less to be. She’s afraid to get himself in the focus of the investigation. Maybe she’s also afraid that you would have to self-admit to not having done enough. The judge eventually increases the pressure. He wants to swear you in. A false statement under oath is punished with prison. The witness gets even more scared.

“I want to be sworn in”, next she says, in tears. “I don’t know what should I say and what I cannot tell,” she says finally. “I’m afraid that I’m to blame, that is what happened.”

The judge explained to her that there is no evidence of a criminal proceedings against you, up to your behaviour now before the court. “Walls in a way that is clear to all of us, you know.” Nevertheless, he sees, ultimately, to swear. The witness seems to be hard enough that your work could be a colleague of the biggest serial killers of the Federal Republic – and you don’t want to have it might be too long to be true.

another witness on this day, Renate T., could feel as a heroine. She’s not doing it apparently, even she looks confused. The 49-Year-old has caught Högel on the act and contributed decisively to the murder of the Keeper, in 2005, had finally come to an end. 22. June 2005 Högel in Delmenhorst at the bedside of your patient, Dieter M. to The man it was gone a short time before still relatively good. Now he had no blood pressure and more, the automatic medication dispenser was set to zero, the Alarm is deactivated. Högel have caught cast, says the witness before the court. They immediately responded and did the Right thing. She followed her sense and sent a blood sample to the laboratory. “Very well,” says the judge.

In the blood of Dieter M. was Gilurytmal, a cardiac agent, which was in his blood. Care service line, and Doctors were informed. Högel was able to work still a layer of more, since he had then already leave. A serious wrong decision. According to the indictment, killed Högel in its last layer. In July 2005 he was arrested.

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