In Poland, has been arrested a Chinese employee of the network equipment supplier Huawei suspicion of Espionage. According to the state news Agency, PAP, a Polish, a cyber security expert is in custody.

The Polish state television TVP, is a high-ranking employee of Huawei and a former employee of the Polish Agency for internal security. The two men would be set for three months.

Therefore, the local offices of Huawei were searched. The telecoms company Orange Polska reported that Polish domestic intelligence service have been assured on Tuesday the offices of the company searches, and materials of an employee.

other secret services throw Huawei espionage

Western intelligence services, under the auspices of the U.S. government accuses Huawei, equipment or mobile phones could contain for spies a back door to get to the heads of state or commercial secrets. Huawei rejects the accusations.

The Australia and new Zealand, regardless of Huawei, in the meantime, from 5G-Expansion excluded. Also other Western States to consider whether you should Huawei allow equipment in their telecommunications networks. The group is said to have a great proximity to the party leadership in Beijing.


The suspicion of espionage had led last year to a serious diplomatic crisis between Canada and China. The canadian authorities had arrested Huawei financial Manager Meng Wanzhou in early December, only days later, Meng was released against a multi-million dollar Deposit. China had arrested several Canadians in China.

government Gazette/Reuters/AP

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