Volkswagen sees the charge of a new Manipulation of tens of thousands of diesel vehicles. It went around those vehicles, in which with a software so-called switch-off update had been eliminated facilities that were responsible for the reduction in exhaust gas cleaning in the car. VW had acknowledged the existence of such shut-off bodies, and thus the exhaust gas scandal.

Now, such a function was found, according to the MIRROR, and of the BR in these revised Diesel Cars.

it should be a software command that ensures that the exhaust gas cleaning belongs to 1120 seconds else – exactly the time it takes a normal exhaust emission test. “The group has not placed this cut-off device of the agencies”, it means from authorities circles. That alone is already a violation of the registration provisions. To affected first, about 30,000 Diesel-cars with 1.2-litre engines, the emission class Euro 5 meet.

abnormalities in the scandal engine EA189

at the end of December, these “anomalies” became known. First, the “Bild am Sonntag had reported” about it. In the meantime, the Details, and the Authorities is convinced that there are far more than “abnormalities”.

VW said to the MIRROR, “in the regular internal quality controls for diesel vehicles with 1.2 l engines of the type EA189 abnormalities have been recorded, must now be further analyzed.”

transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) should have faced VW-in-chief Herbert Diess, with the allegations. The threat of the Ministry was in the room, to leave the vehicles immediately. VW should have objected to: The authorities objected to the function was not legal and serve the protection of the engine. MIRROR request, the Ministry is tight-lipped: “The allegations are known. The motor vehicle Federal office to these allegations,” a spokesman said. The examination of these allegations was not yet complete.

Strained relationship between the Ministry of transport and Volkswagen

is The ratio of Scheuer and Diess as extremely tense. The CSU politician is upset that the Volkswagen is the planned conversion of old diesel vehicles with a nitrogen oxide catalysts torpedoed, ironically, in the Moment, where the Minister has created the necessary legal prerequisites.

in Addition, the so-called exchange action age against the new VW Diesel is running sluggishly. So at least it is to hear from the Ministry. It depends on the success of these programs, if Scheuer can avert the wrath of the diesel driver because of driving bans in dozens of German cities.

earlier this week, it came between Scheuer and Diess, who was in China, a debate on the phone. A tricky phone call, in which both the suspicion of manipulation as well as the exchange of goods, programs, and the diesel retrofit issue. This barn is said to have the head of the group, according to information of the MIRROR a strong commitment to negotiate. The terms and conditions of the rewards program for the replacement of old diesel vehicles with new, valid so far only in the driving ban threatened cities, should be extended to the whole Republic.


in addition, is said to have promised This to the Minister, to enter into the so-called intensive cities with poor air customers the freedom to choose their wagon to trade or to install a retrofit system. As soon as you have the appropriate equipment of other manufacturers are developed and approved, would pay the group for up to 3000 euros.

shutdown of the affected vehicles

non-threatening is probably Already in the autumn of 2018 Scheuer had to meet the three German car manufacturers during a tip of a General willingness to Pay for this retrofit action from. Now, the modalities with VW are discussed.

Officially, this wants to comment on any of the two sides. Not to “Volkswagen Express” any confidential discussions between Mr Diess and other persons, as well as the content on us on request. “Arrived the request of the Minister, that the manufacturer put in premium and make it more attractive,” says however, a high-ranking VW Manager who asked not to be named.

The Meet of Diess, above all, a bargain. The decommissioning of the new Manipulation of the affected vehicles to be off the table, it is called from authorities circles. There will be instead, an official recall with immediate enforcement. This would be for VW to be far less serious.

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