“Yes, we could now do something about climate change,” recently wrote the cabaret artist Marc-Uwe Kling is on Facebook. “But if we discover in 50 years that all the scientists are wrong and there is no global warming, then we would have taken care of without any reason, that you can’t breathe in cities, the air, the rivers are toxic, that cars make neither noise nor stink and that we are not more dependent on dictators and their Oil resources. Because we would annoy us.”

Apparently, many Younger workers are willing to take that risk: In his study, by 2017, the sustainability portal Utopia attests to the so-called Millennials the “distinct responsibility” to the consumer. They looked at your purchasing behavior, a majority of as a political process, with which you want to change something. A good life, the other deals no damage, is more important to you than all other age groups.

change The own habits a bit and leave the comfort zone from time to time, in order to make everyday life more sustainable, brings not only a better Conscience, but together with other fun. Fits into this picture, around 31 million Germans voluntarily engage in, a tenth more than at the beginning of the century. The anarchist Slogan “Make is as want, just blatant” is obviously a social need.

The economic, environmental and social problems caused by our ever increasing consumption worldwide, are enormous. And they require radical steps. The British Economist Kate Raworth, author of the book “The Donut Economics: an economic model, which does not destroy the planet,” is convinced that only a completely new way of thinking the economic challenges of the 21st century. Century can be accomplished.

“Jute instead of plastic” brings little

she writes: “Our today’s economies need growth, regardless of whether it uses the people. We need an economy that uses people, regardless of whether it grows or not.” There is a need to create demand based on fundamentally different values.

Now, it is naive to believe that one could consume, for example, regional and seasonal, as it was in the fifties. “Jute instead of plastic” brings in the choice of the shopping bag a lot of, if every day in Germany alone, 50 million disposable plastic bottles are in circulation, the Goods are know in the super market shelves twice in film, and online trading makes the waste mass through the packing material to explode.

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The fear of the imminent destruction of our Ecosystem, has brought many good ideas – and some of them are implemented thanks to dedicated people even. With his Non-Profit project “The Ocean Cleanup” around the Dutchman Boyan Slat wants to rid the seas of wandering around driving plastic the dirt. By the cleaning action of the dangerous pollution is reduced only to a small part. The largest proportion of micro-plastic in our oceans, lakes and rivers originates from tire wear, cosmetics, detergents and synthetic fibers. Nevertheless, the project is beneficial to the environment.

“how to Make want, just crass!”

You do not have to be equal to trash Fischer, to change something. Already due to changes in buying behavior of the Consumer can exert enormous Power. What happens if customers turn away from a brand, you have to get a lot of companies to feel: the oil giant Shell after the oil Rig Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, for example, or the Nokia after the closure of a plant in Bochum, Germany. Or the fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch, after reports of racism, unreasonable working conditions and discrimination were the end of the testimony of the former heads of Mike Jeffries, according to. Sales and share price collapsed. The shops to close. Even the prominent lettering – for many customers, previously with the most important purchase argument has been omitted, in order to bring the paragraph back into the swing. The brand promised to improve, the controversial chief resigned.

Even luxury brands such as Gucci, Versace and Burberry have caved in to the customer’s sake, and refrain in their collections and, more recently, on fur. The luxury retail platform Farfetch in may fur-free. In the short term, companies forgo millions in revenue in order to remain in the long term for young, conscious consuming customers an attractive. What started activists such as the animal protection organisation PETA with their publicity, now more the buyer in breast-feeding.

So you make. Question you and act accordingly. Each and every day. It’s worth it.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.