It is amazing. In those days, in which, in the international Swimming Olympic and world champion a Revolution to start that could change the whole Sport, it is also in the German Swimming haywire. After two weeks ago, DSV-President Gabi Dörries resigned, has declared on Wednesday, national coach Henning Lambertz his resignation at the end of the year.

“It is an unpleasant Situation, to have two years before the Olympics, to alarge extent, decisions, and such a change of personnel,” says athletes ‘ spokesperson, Jacob Heidtmann, of the MIRROR. “To have long term success, you have to bring a consistency in the Association.”

Rio was the wind stronger

the national coach Lambertz was started six years ago, after the medal-less Games in London, to lead the German to Swim back to the top. His path has since been criticized again and again, but after the German swimmers were also passed in Rio de Janeiro, was the stronger against the wind. Coach worked to change, the athletes felt a sharp internal standard times the participation in the world Cup in 2017, which was a single silver medal as weak as feared.

a Few months after the world Cup had calmed down the tempers a bit. Also, because Lambertz came, contrary to his critics, very far – and the Dörries had mediated in the Background. At the European Championships this summer in Glasgow, Gold, and silver, and four Bronze medals, and new faces were then twice for good mood.

Against this Background, the back-have kicks of the President and the coach of amazed. The gap wants to close the DSV with a “Team Tokyo 2020”, the coach of the most powerful athletes also to belong as external experts. The Team is expected to be presented in January 2019.

Henning Lambertz (l.) in conversation with Marco Koch

“It can be good, I want to paint not all black. But the timing is just unfortunate. This of course has an impact on the athletes – and that it is not only because you know how it goes,” says athletes speaker Heidtmann. “Straight after London, we have launched a change in a new direction, have found together as a Team, and much re-aligned. Now many questions are not there, because you know where you stand.” The location of the specialist hopes that, “now the responsibility, to act responsible. That you can do everything, that we are athletes in focus.”

What resonates: this Team Tokyo 2020 are now required also the biggest critics of Lambertz, to act in the interests of all athletes and not the interest of the Individual in the foreground. Whether it will succeed or not also depends on whether the Team has critical functions, or whether the last word sports Director Thomas Kurschilgen falls since September in the office. He says: “We will support the athletes together with their coaches on the way to Tokyo and you have full confidence in the expression of one’s own performance.”

it Needs both the sport Director and the national coach?

there is evidence to suggest that it should also go to Tokyo without a national coach. Is already decided, that to Tokyo as usual in the United States from the series of the coach for the highlight of the season acting head coach is to be determined, “the leads in close feedback with the Director of sports performance, the sports technical processes,” as stated in a communication of the DSV. Kurschilgen stressed, however, that “The question of the long-term needs of the chief national coach in the pool swimming is not at the present time.”

And yet it is a discussion that was led in the DSV after each national coach. Hamburg coach Veith Sieber Base, at least in the case of decisions within the Teams in a hat had to have. “There must be then one that says: you have now discussed two hours, we do now.” In the case of competitions, but it need not necessarily be a national coach: “The most important thing is continuity in the coaching staff on the pool edge.” Sieber also pointed out that Lambertz’ve done in a transitional phase at the beginning of the year 2017 also both Jobs. “And now we have a sports Director who decides.”

double Olympic champion Britta Steffen is skeptical

double Olympic champion Britta Steffen. “The DSV is an abandoned orphan, I hope there is a reboot that is different than what was previously considered ‘new’,” she told the German press Agency.

An upward trend in the German Swimming there will be, according to the 2013 resigned Steffen out of the System. “In the best case: Somehow, there will always be a Talent that the right coach hits, and so there will always be time for individual achievements, but it is random and not systematic. Unfortunately,” said the 35-Year-old. Steffen won in Beijing ten years ago the last German Olympic medals in the pool for a swim.

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