The five-time Olympic gold medallist Missy Franklin finished her swimming career at just 23 years of age. Franklin announced her decision in an article in ESPN, the reason for the withdrawal of the US-American from the sports performance pain chronic shoulder.

“I have a long time to say: I quit. But now I’m ready. I am willing to have every day pain. I am ready to be a wife, someday a mother. I’m ready every day to grow as a person and to be the best possible role model. I’m ready for the Rest of my life,” wrote Franklin.

Franklin had to play at the summer games in London in 2012, with 17 years as the first American four gold medals in a sport. Her fifth Olympic victory celebrated the Californian in Rio in 2016. To do this, Franklin took in their careers, eleven world Cup titles.

In London, triumphed Franklin back over 100 and 200 metres, also with the American squadrons on 4×100-Meter and 4×200-Meter free-style. With the free-style relay team, she won in Rio again, the games were for you, but on the whole disappointing. “In retrospect, it was the biggest performance of my career, these eight days in Rio are entitled to,” said Franklin.

her last race in the C-final of 200-Meter-freestyle at the US Championships in July. She was more than four seconds slower than their best time. In the past year, Franklin had Championships after two shoulder operations to participate in the world in Budapest omitted.

Franklin is suffering from a chronic tendinitis of the rotator cuff. It occurs as a world record holder 200 Meter backstroke (2:04,06 minutes).


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