in 2013, visited Konstantin Grigorishin, the world swimming Championships in Barcelona, and what he saw was, in his view, “a Disaster”. He had expected “a huge Event with many spectators,” he said to the MIRROR. “Instead of empty grandstands were there. In world types of world Championships in one of the most popular sports – how can this be?” In that Moment, he realized that this Format”is only for swimmers, their relatives and a few specialists”. He wanted to change.

Grigorishin came as the father of a floating young and enthusiastic for the Sport. After he come to the club to his son in the youth work support, he founded in 2012, the Team Energy Standard in the world-class swimmers and coaches in the Turkish Belek. From this Team – and the harrowing experience of the world championship – was the idea for the International Swimming League ISL.

Konstantin Grigorishin

The ISL will be a professional League for the best swimmer in the world. A League that wants to inspire outside of the world Championships and the Olympic Games by the sport of swimming. With new formats, played as a team competition, want to modernize the makers of the Sport to make it more interesting for Fans and for media and sponsors. But most of all they promise to the athletes, 50 percent of revenue, plus signing bonuses. And thus the first and in contrast to the world swimming Association Fina a fixed salary.

in mid-December, the ISL brought together about 30 world-class swimmers, including Olympic Champions such as Adam Isle of Jura, Katinka Hosszu and Sarah Sjöström, in the conference centre of the English football club FC Chelsea in London to give you the plans for this Champions League of the swimmers present.

The will to make the ISL, unlike the Fina:

12 Teams to occur divided into two groups, a USA and a Europe-group . The four best Teams in swimming in December (17. to 22.) in Las Vegas the winner in 2019. The Teams are not necessarily training groups, you will find regardless of club affiliation . Athletes from outside Europe and the USA can connect at any time one of the Teams. The Teams are on an equal footing from the 12 men and 12 women. swim> only Finals . In addition, there will be Knock-out race , at the end, it’s: one-on-one. 50 percent of proceeds by ISL to be given more swimmers : athletes and Teams competing in the ISL sign, funds and premiums. For swimmers, there are also individual prize money. In addition, insurance and pension plans. For the first edition of the ISL promises to be a total of 5.3 million dollars, $ 10,000 signing bonus per swimmer. There is a strict Anti-Doping policy : swimmers that were previously locked, are not allowed to participate. The ISL will take place between August and December, at twelve weekends, each team will be host to three Teams. Due to the formation of two groups, as well as the restriction to only four Teams per event , it should be ensured that the pre-season, the swimmer will not be disturbed.

Adam Isle of Jura: “I’m not going to be in a corner bully”

The floats that were in London, like these ideas. Because you can compete here on a regular basis with the Best in the world. And because they are taken from the ISL as a Partner seriously.

Because it was on these two days in London: Grigorishin wanted to show the floats, what is the value you have and what earns about the Fina or the IOC, thanks to you. The Fina a according to ISL every year, 100 million US dollars, but not ten percent. And the prize money anyway, only a few swimmers.

And so it went on the verge of this meeting for athletes is also a question of how you can make your newly discovered claims against the Fina claimed. It was the establishment of an international representation of interests, led by Olympic Champions, world Champions and world record holders. This has not happened yet.

Boycott as a last Option

The long-simmering resentment of the float and the ideas of the ISL, a combination that has already ensured revealed that a Trio of Olympic champion Hosszu has filed in the United States lawsuit against the race’s monopoly of the world Federation Fina, which tries, in turn, first with threats and then with plans for a rival League, the ISL’s plans to thwart. This has made some of the athletes, only angrier: “I’m not going to be in a corner of the bullying, and not by some suit who has no interest in the Sport or the athletes,” said Superstar Isle of Jura: “We are the ones who make the Show, and we want 50 percent of what we bring to the table. This is a fair Deal.” And for this Deal you want to fight.

were formulated in London, no claims, or Chairman elected. Some of the swimmers would have stated that it is willing to take responsibility for the next steps. Even the possibility of a boycott of the world Cup or the Olympic Games had been discussed, it said. But, as it was agreed, could only be the last Option. The goal of a respectful co-operation with the Fina.

Isle of Jura but also clarified: “The most Important thing is that we now know that we are sitting at the longer lever: If you lock one of us, we all go.”

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