The Syrian air defense has responded according to the state news Agency Sana on Tuesday evening in a “hostile attack” and several “enemy targets” in the West of the capital, Damascus shot down.

Syrian state television reported, citing a source from the military, the air defenses fired on Israeli missiles, mostly, allegedly with success. Therefore, only a weapons depot had been taken. Three soldiers had been injured. Reports to support parts of the statement of the military:

In Damascus had been hearing heavy explosions outside the city, said a resident of the news Agency dpa. The detonations have there been, apparently, in the area of the military airport of mezzeh, in the West, and in an area North-West of the capital.

as a well-informed and reliable, applicable to Syrian monitoring centre for human rights in London went up by an Israeli missile attack. The attacks were directed against a weapons storage site in the Iranian revolutionary guards and their Lebanese allies of the militia of the Shiite Hezbollah.

The data of the Observatory, which obtains its information from a network of informers on the ground, can be checked independently.

In the Lebanese border area, reported Syria to the people of the dpa, they heard the roar of Jets and the presumption raised that Israeli planes had used the Lebanese air space for attacks in neighboring Syria.

denial of Israel

An Israeli army spokeswoman in Tel Aviv said: “We Express ourselves to foreign Reports.” In the Israeli coastal town of Hadera, between Haifa and Tel Aviv residents reported they heard explosions. The army spokeswoman said the Israeli air defenses had been activated against a Syria-fired air defense missile. There were no casualties or damage.

In the past, Israel dozens of times and has attacked targets in Syria, often in the Damascus area. They were directed against military installations of the Syrian government or its ally, the Shiite Hezbollah militia and Iran.

Israel has repeatedly stressed that it will not tolerate a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria. Iran in addition to Russia, the closest ally of the government of head of state Bashar al-Assad and supported him in the past seven years, continuing the inter-Syrian war militarily.

the withdrawal of troops of the USA, Trump is Syria

at Last the civil war, the country was in the headlines because the US President had declared the military intervention against the “Islamic state”, the terrorist militia had been defeated “largely”. The USA have already begun with the withdrawal of the troops. Turkey has announced, however, to intervene in northeast Syria militarily, and reinforced their troops at the border.


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