In the case of a Detonation in the Syrian capital of Damascus, there has been, according to activists on Sunday Dead and wounded. The “powerful Explosion” struck near a building of the military intelligence, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

The data of the Observatory are hard to verify, have, in the past, but mostly as a reliable. The state television also reported on an Explosion. There are several injured, the talk was dead. “Initial reports suggest a terrorist act,” it said without further details. The state news Agency Sana’a reported that there were no dead.

The Observatory, it was unclear whether the Explosion was caused by a bomb or a suicide attack. “Some people were killed and injured,” said the organization. An oppositional group, which is committed again and again, attacks in Syria, claimed the fact.

In the Explosion of a bus in the Northern Syrian town of Afrin for at least two civilians are killed and at least ten more have been injured. The Explosion occurred in the centre of the city, informed the civil protection organisation of the helmets White. A year ago Turkish troops in the Region were invaded by Afrin. The background of the Explosion were still unclear.

In Syria, a civil war has been raging for years, more than 360,000 people were killed and millions were displaced. The troops of President Bashar al-Assad in control of around two-thirds of the country. Last may she sold to its own information, jihadists from the South-East of Damascus, and brought for the first Time in six years, the whole of the capital under their control.


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