In the Syrian city of Aleppo, there has been, apparently, a poison gas attack. A government official said on Saturday at least 50 civilians had been treated. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for human rights reported, after the impact of the grenades, the smell of gas was about Aleppo. The opposition Observatory obtains its information from a network of Doctors and activists in Syria. The data are not independently verifiable.

Syrian state media had initially reported that 21 injured, the breath would have had problems, after three areas in the city had been taken from Gas-filled Shot. They were Syrian rebels responsible for the attack. A commander of the rebels who had once worked, even on the chemical weapons programme of the government, dismissed the allegation. The government is a lie, he said, the insurgents had neither poison gas nor the means to use it.

Not the first use of poison gas in Syria

rebel spokesman Mustafa Sedschari accused the government, you have to set the poison gas accusation in the world, after you have shelled rebel areas. The objective is the Russia-brokered ceasefire to undermine. Until the end of October, various heads of state, including Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan had spoken to the Syria summit for a “sustainable and lasting ceasefire”. Next week, on 28. and 29. November, want to consult Russia, Turkey and Iran in the Kazakh Astana again about a settlement of the conflict in Syria.

In the Syrian civil war has already been used several times poison gas, although toxic gases are prohibited under the chemical weapons Convention, which came into force in 1997. And although the Syrian government has destroyed the poison gas supplies, which she had given to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), already in 2016. On 7. April of this year, had been killed in Duma in the former rebel territory Ostghuta in Damascus, more than 40 people suspected of Gas and hundreds injured. The West has made the Syrian government responsible for the attack, Syria and its ally Russia rejected the accusation.

Sarin, mustard gas, chlorine gas

In the past year, it came up in Chan Scheichun to a poison gas attack, in which 87 people died, including 31 children. According to the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) were in the Chan Scheichun used Gas nerve Sarin poison. Another report from the OPCW and the United Nations from the year 2016 also suggests that the Syrian Regime had used in the embattled province of Idlib also chlorine gas. In addition, the jihadists militia “Islamic state” (IS) to be able to mustard gas and apply, it said in the report.

chemical weapons new What are chemical weapons?

chemical weapons are summarized in the case of substances used for killing or injury of people.

In the chemical weapons Convention, to be counted in addition to the production predecessor materials, and the distribution equipment (grenades, rockets, or spraying) to the chemical weapons.

With the Convention, the member States of the United Nations agreed on 29. April 1997 to destroy all the world’s existing chemical weapons and to stop their production. The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), based in The Hague, monitors the implementation of the disarmament agreement.

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