The controversial withdrawal of US soldiers from Syria has been officially arranged. “The decree to Syria was signed,” said a Pentagon spokesman to the AFP news Agency, without mentioning further Details. The document of the outgoing Minister of defense of Jim Mattis had signed personally, reported CNN. Details of the deduction of over 2000 soldiers, such as a timetable, were not called.

“Our troops are coming home!” tweeted US President Donald Trump. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had assured him, wrote Trump, that he is “everything, what IS left of it, will wipe out… and he is a man who can do this, in addition, Turkey is directly “next door””.

Trump announced on Wednesday, surprisingly, the full withdrawal of US army from Syria. The US President keeps the jihadists militia “Islamic state” (IS) “largely defeated” and wants to pull the US soldiers out of Syria because of that.

The notice that it’s not just the USA’s allies in the fight against IS a lack of understanding. Also in the USA, many consider the withdrawal to be premature.

Just a day after trump’s announcement, U.S. Secretary of defense Mattis announced his resignation (here, you can read his reasoning in the text). The 68-Year-old wanted to stay until the end of February, in the office in order to allow an orderly Handover to his successor. Trump accelerates the detachment now, but On Sunday he announced that Mattis will be replaced for the new year, of the previous Deputy, Patrick Shanahan at the helm of the Ministry.

Free Hand against Kurdish rebels

unlike many Western allies trump’s troops withdrawal announcement in Turkey has been welcomed. Ankara gets a deduction of the US troops a free Hand in the fight against Kurdish rebels in Syria. The U.S. army had worked together in the fight against the IS with Kurdish militias.

On Sunday discussed Trump and Erdogan the US withdrawal in a telephone conversation. According to the Turkish presidential office, the two presidents agreed to “coordination between the military, diplomats and other government representatives of their countries, in order to prevent a power vacuum”.

Trump posted on Twitter that he had seeds with Erdogan about the “long and highly coordinated” withdrawal of U.S. soldiers from Syria spoke. So he tried to dispel the impression that the decision get rushed, ill-considered and unprepared.

The Turkey-wide, according to the Turkish news Agency DHA your troops on the border to Syria. A day earlier, Erdogan had announced that he would postpone a military operation against the Kurdish YPG forces. The United States will consider the YPG as the most important ally in the war against the IS.


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