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no-one has collected in Syria so fearless and stubborn enemies as Raed Fares. An activist and Journalist, in Arabic and English biting Slogans against the President Assad and the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IS) into the grid, the non-violent protests organized, an independent radio station, women’s projects supported – a was hateful to the Syrian Regime as the Islamists, who now dominate the armed resistance in Syria still left. Death threats came to him on a regular basis. On Friday morning, Fares and his comrades-in-arms Hamoud al-Juneid were shot in their home town of Kafranbel from the Unknown on the open road.

Raed Fares, who was shot dead on Friday in the province of Idlib (undated image) © Kafranbl News via AP

“the Conscience of the Revolution” – the so-called Kafranbel in Idlib province, and this epithet of the small-town activists, such as Fares owes. Almost every Friday, you will provide a self-painted Transparent in front of the cameras for years, and post the pictures on the Internet: “Better to die on your feet than live on your knees” is one of their most famous slogans. “Prefer upright to die than to live on your knees.” In distant Europe or America, the pathetic may sound, in Syria it is a choice to be made by each members of the opposition again and again. Today, more than ever before.

Raed Fares survived over the years, countless regime air strikes and targeted bombings. Several times he had been of the Islamists kidnapped, had to let him every Time to massive pressure from the citizens in Kafranbel free again.

Weekly protest reflects transparent

Fares’ hometown of the recent history of Syria in a special way. At the beginning of 2011 it was still quiet in the small town, which until then was primarily for their Fig production. The first protests against corruption and state violence began in April 2011, Raed Fares filmed them and sent the images to Arab television stations. The weekly Transparent was to Kafranbels trademarks, always include the date and the current Status of the city: From the “rebellious Kafranbel” has been “occupied Kafraßnbel”, as the Syrian army had pulled a siege ring. After the withdrawal of the army, as the overthrow of the Assad regime seemed increasingly likely, wrote to Fares and his allies, the “liberated Kafranbel” to Transparent. Then, as the IS and other radical Islamists mobilized the civil society with bombings and Kidnappings of terror, followed by the “defiling Kafranbel”.

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