In the North of Syria, it is again a suicide attack on a convoy of U.S. troops and their Kurdish and Arab allies, came. This was reported by the Syrian Observatory for human rights, the US-led Anti-IS coalition confirmed the attack.

The coalition stressed that there had been no American casualties. According to the data of observation were killed, however, five fighters of the Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) and two US soldiers injured. The Kurdish police said, however, there is only one police officer was slightly injured. The terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS) claimed in a message on your propaganda channel Amaq for the attack.

The Syrian Observatory for human rights, based in Britain, draws its information from a wide network of informants in Syria. The information can be independently difficult to verify, have, in the past, but more often than right.

The activists said the bomber steered his car into the convoy. An eye witness told the news Agency AFP, the blast occurred on a road by Kurdish forces lock. The Kurdish police said the bombers had attacked with a car bomb on a convoy of the international coalition.

Second attack on U.S. troops within a few days

Only last week, had been killed in a suicide attack in the Northern Syrian Manbij 19 people, including five SDF militants and four U.S. military members. To known also of this attack, the IS-militia. The highest losses of the U.S. army since the beginning of their use against the IS-militia 2014. The United States currently have 2000 soldiers in Syria, to support the SDF.

In December, US President, Donald Trump had announced surprisingly, all US soldiers out of Syria to be deducted, because the IS-is defeated militia. The announcement alerted the SDF, as Turkey had threatened earlier with a new Offensive in Northern Syria. The backbone of the SDF, the Kurdish people’s defense units (YPG), the Turkey is considered to be due to their close Links to the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK) as a terrorist organization.

Meanwhile, US government officials made a US withdrawal of guarantees of Turkey for the Syrian Kurds. Turkey threatens but to continue with an Offensive and has pulled together for tens of thousands of soldiers on the border. The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey respect the territorial integrity of Syria, the SDF is-controlled city of Manbij to their “rightful owners”.


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