He hope that John Bolton got a taste of the “world-famous Turkish hospitality,” wrote Fahrettin Altun, the head of Media for the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, on Twitter. Shortly before the security had left the adviser of the US President, Donald Trump Ankara on Tuesday. It was a last verbal kick in the pants to an already wayward Mission.

Bolton would have to move the Turkey to make the planned military operation against the Kurdish militia YPG in northeastern Syria to call off. Erdogan, however, brusquely dismissed him. He denied to the guest from Washington is a conversation and shared instead, in a speech before members of his party against the U.S. government: “If (the Americans) expect that we bow to terrorists, you’re wrong,” he said.

The United States and the YPG in Syria together successfully against the terrorist group “Islamic state” in a fight. Erdogan, however, considers the YPG, the Syrian offshoot of the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), which has perpetrated again and again in Turkey attacks, and of Europe such as the United States as a terrorist organisation is classified. He wants to evict the militia from the border area, which endorse large parts of the Opposition in Turkey.

Turkish army in the North of Syria by the end of December.

troops withdraw – what is Moscow?

a year ago, marched by Turkish soldiers in the Syrian city of Afrin, which had until then been under the control of the YPG. Now Erdogan would extend to the use on the North-East. If and when it comes to a further Turkish military operation is less dependent on the United States. Trump is expected to withdraw his soldiers from the civil war to the country, even if the Turks refuse the demanded guarantee of security for the YPG.

On Friday, the US began-led military coalition, with the withdrawal of their units from Syria. Specific information about the timing, you won’t do for safety reasons, said a spokesman for the Alliance.

Trump had just before Christmas surprised with its announcement. He wanted to perform this step, since the fight against the “Islamic state” had been won. In Protest against the announcement by the Minister of defense of Jim Mattis had stepped back.

The Americans start withdrawing, the key now is what Moscow wants.

Vladimir Putin

Erdogan and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin from the vote in Syria on the one hand closely. On the other hand, Putin is the closest ally of Syria’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad, and has no interest in Turkey is still more in the neighboring country. Should he agree to a military operation, then probably only under the condition that Turkey leaves after a victory over the YPG, the territory of Assad – a man Erdogan, until Recently, even wanted to overthrow.

Since the Kurds have in turn asked Assad to protect against a Turkish Invasion, a strange race: Ankara and the YPG are competing to see who can be quicker to close a Deal with the Syrian Regime and its protector, Russia.

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