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The year 2018 could end for Bashar al-Assad is hardly better: In Germany, the hasty withdrawal of US opened, and soldiers of the Syrian dictator, is the ability to bind the Kurds. After the Kurdish militias in a losing fight pushed back the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IS), has Donald you Trump left in the lurch. So you now ask Assad for help in order to prevent an Invasion of the Turkish army and their Syrian allies.

For Syria’s head of state, this pays off now: six and a half years after the government troops from the town of Manbij were expelled, blows again soon, the state flag over the 100,000-inhabitant city. Soon, other places in the North-East of Syria could follow.

balance of power in Syria

but Even more important is the recent foreign policy successes of the Syrian government:

On Thursday, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have opened their embassies in Damascus, after seven years, officially. In 2011, the Gulf States had closed their missions in Syria, to protest against the violent crackdown of the regime against the Opposition. Also on Thursday, a passenger plane from Syria to Tunisia, flew for the first Time since 2011. At the airport of Monastir, a Delegation of loyal to the regime Syrians celebrated the landing of ChamWings-flight SAW361 with national flags and Assad Portraits. On Friday the Gulf state of Bahrain, announced that his Embassy had received in Damascus. This step was indicated, since the had the outside welcomes Ministers of the two countries in September on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York, exuberantly and embraced.

After the outbreak of the uprising against Assad more than seven years ago, the Gulf States were the first Arab countries that were openly against the Syrian dictator, him diplomatically isolated and rebel groups supported – with the aim of regime change in Damascus. Now, the Gulf monarchies have resigned to the fact that Assad remains in Power.

Syria will be rehabilitated, Qatar stands on the pillory

in a Particularly bizarre in this Volte: on the one Hand, the UAE has imposed, together with Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, a Blockade against Qatar, because the Emirate maintains allegedly close relations with Iran. On the other hand, you are in a bind now and again, the Assad Regime, Syria has been transformed into a staging area of the Iranian revolutionary guards, and Tehran-dependent than ever.

to rehabilitate not only the authoritarian Gulf States, Assad. It is noteworthy that Tunisia, the country where the Arab spring began in December 2010 and was the only country that has since taken substantial steps in the direction of democracy, is coming to terms with the Syrian dictator. The resumption of flights to Damascus is just the latest sign.

In the spring, Tunisia is the next Arab League summit meeting. Currently Syria’s membership in the organization is suspended, the Tunisian President, Béji Caïd Essebsi has indicated that he wants to have Assad at the next Meeting in his country. Thus, the Arab world would have taken the dictator finally back in their ranks – hundreds of thousands of war dead, millions of refugees, the use of chemical weapons and other war crimes.

fear of the next revolt

With the rehabilitation of the Assad regime, the Arab rulers to put a mark on their political opponents: riots are not worth the effort. The fear of the anger of its citizens, the democratically elected government in Tunis have in common with the coup President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi in Cairo, and the Erbmonarchien on the Arabian Peninsula.

This fear of the next revolt shows itself also in dealing with the mass protests in Sudan. There are thousands of against dictator Omar al-Bashir have been demonstrating for ten days. The other Arab heads of state have assured the wanted war criminal who ruled his country for nearly 30 years of authoritarian, of their support. The state-controlled media in the Arab world, the protests in Sudan, or as the result of a sinister foreign conspiracy.

Two days before the start of demonstrations in Sudan, Bashir had done by the way, a spectacular state visit: He visited Assad in Damascus.

Summary: more and more Arab States will find that Syria’s dictator, Bashar al-Assad remains in Power. The monarchies of the Gulf to take its diplomatic relations with Damascus, Tunisia, back to Syrian planes land. An invitation from Assad at the Arab League summit in the spring of 2019, the rehabilitation of the Syrian state would make the meeting of the heads perfectly.

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