you have therefore decided to change the faith? Way with the iPhone, with an Android Smartphone! First of all: Apple users are spoiled in terms of Backups and exchange, as both are from the factory, no Problem. No matter, whether on – or offline, whether iTunes or iCloud: Full backup, you can customize at any time by clicking.

When moving to Android, these Backups will avail but little, as Google’s operating system can do anything with it. That’s why you have to go detours, the data is transferred manually or on specialized Tools to leave. Some of these programs can read parts of the iOS Backups, others will try to copy the data directly from the iPhone. Similar to the move from Android to Android, we have found a way to take over the entire device, including Software, settings, and personal data with just a few hand movements.

get the help of Google Account

Fully a Android Smartphone only use in combination with a Google Account and Google services. Even on the iPhone the sense of: mail messages, contacts and calendar entries with a Google-account can also be found in the Apple’s own Apps. Who chooses this way on the iPhone, the move to Android a lot easier. In the case of the establishment on the new Smartphone you need only with your own Google Account to log in and find at least the above-mentioned types of data on the device.

Who has no fear of the Cloud, it can install the photos App from Google on his iPhone. On request, the program then stores all captured images and Videos in the Google Drive. On the new Android device they are directly available after logging in. Small catch: The images are again compressed, and are therefore not quite in the Original quality. Google has integrated its Drive App for iOS is also a Backup function, the at least contacts, calendar entries, and photos from the iPhone in the Google Cloud and via this detour, the new Android System.

the other way around, this relocation assistance will work in principle: If you want to move from an Android phone to an iPhone, to register the Google Account on the Apple device under settings / passwords & Accounts .


Some of the new, more expensive Android Smartphones, a USB-OTG Adapter is included, mostly from type-C to type-A. The respective manufacturer to provide a suitable migration App, which also works in combination with a iPhone. It is sufficient in most cases, to start the App on your new Android phone and the iPhone via a charging cable and Adapter to connect. After granted on the iPhone, the access rights, start the file transfer.

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However, you can copy only a small part of the iPhone data: photos and self-recorded Videos, music and audio files and messages (SMS and MMS). Apps and App settings, accounts, system settings, and Wi-Fi passwords, bookmarks, and all in the iCloud saved data can usually not be transferred.

they opted for a new Samsung Smartphone, Samsung for Migration using the in-house App “Smart Switch” – during the setup or afterwards. The App should not be located on the device, it downloads them for free from the Google Play Store.

With the devices of other manufacturers is not working. In our Test, it worked but not in Conjunction with a Galaxy Note 9 with Android 8.1 and an iPhone XS, Max, with iOS 12.1.1. Smart Switch can blades to the data and theoretically via a USB cable from the iPhone to Samsung phone, or pulling wirelessly from a in the iCloud stored Backup. In the case of the former possibility, the process broke down in our Tests reproducible. In the second of Apple’s Two-factor authentication is not adopted, our Code.

Huawei offers with Phone Clone a similar Tool. First, it has to be on the iOS device installed. Then, the new Huawei phone creates a Wi-Fi Hotspot, connect both devices. After all, contacts, calendar entries, photos and Videos. Other manufacturer’s solutions, please refer to the “c’t” no 2/2019 on page 78.

Purchased Apps and subscriptions

Almost all of the more popular iOS Apps, there are now also for Android. Purchases apply but only for a platform and so you have to pay for the favorite applications again. In the case of particularly expensive programs, it is worthwhile to contact the developers and ask them with regard to the previous purchase to an Android license. In-App purchases you have to write off.

If you have no iOS device-more, remember to terminate all the through the App Store completed subscriptions are on Android. The subscriptions you can find in the system settings under “iTunes and App Store”; the upper right, tap on the Apple ID, and select in the displayed menu the item “view Apple ID” and then “subscriptions”. Cross-system services such as Spotify or Netflix to run smoothly.

WhatsApp & co.

it becomes Problematic in the case of news: Neither iMessage nor the Chats of WhatsApp can be taken in a simple manner with the other device. WhatsApp created on the iPhone, although Online Backups are in the iCloud, and Android does not restore. For iMessage there is no corresponding Android App.

the data saved in iCloud you can access it with a Browser

With Wazzapp but for 5,99 Euro a on WhatsApp specialised migration App. It uses an unencrypted locally on the PC or Mac zip WhatsApp Backup to make use of iTunes. Then you have a rocky road in front of you, the one created by Wazzapp-Desktop program is a sqlite file, and the media extracted. Among other things, an older Version of WhatsApp is required as a APK file. In short: it’s worth It, before you migrate the Chat history to be honest think about how often you will actually be old Chats.

Apple-my Apps

Although all of the Google Apps and services for iOS are not available, the other way around. On programs like Apple’s own notes, reminders, or messages, you will have to do without, (usually more powerful) Alternatives search, and the data is transferred manually. After all, you can access most of the data via a Browser, by controlling the page . The Interface is sluggish, but to copy documents, notes, and contacts and photos to download, it is enough. There is also the link of the account can also be used with the old device.

The change from Apple to Google means already a lot of getting used to and the complicated Migration of the data makes the transition easier. If possible, you should leave the iPhone for a few weeks after the move without a factory reset in the drawer. Some data is without having access to the original device ran.

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