for the First time, has published a Turkish web site quotes, the violent death of the government is to bear witness to critical Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. According to Habertürk derived from the sound recordings, the on 2. Of October, been made in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul and the Turkish security authorities. It is to be heard accordingly, as Khashoggi calls out: “Let go of my Arm! What do you, what do you think?” The newspaper “Hurriyet” reported about the recordings.

Khashoggi, the Istanbul Consulate-entered on the 2. October, records for his upcoming wedding to pick up. He was initially officially as missing in action, admitted to Saudi Arabia in mid-October, critics of the regime had been killed in the Consulate during an argument with several people. Turkish authorities believe that a special command from Saudi Arabia body specifically for this purpose-came back and Khashoggis later eliminated. For weeks the Turkish government has launched over the media, Details of the incidents at the Consulate, the burden of the leadership of Saudi Arabia’s heavy. The Public has to date granted no access to the sound recordings.

The shooting, on the Turkish media on Tuesday reports, to document what happened seven weeks ago in the Istanbul Consulate: First of all, there had been a seven-minute-long confrontation between Khashoggi and four attackers. According to the records, Khashoggi had been placed in a different area of the house, the “Department B”, a Version of the earlier statements contradict what Khashoggi shortly after Entering the house dead to have done it.

second recording from this part of the house is four minutes long, reports Haberturk and Hurriyet. To hear another verbal altercation with Khashoggi, but also the sounds of a struggle, then the “shock” and “torture” are now. The recordings, however, were stopped for nearly two hours long, probably from the interference devices of the Saudis.

Overall, the voices of seven men to be heard. Turkish security authorities according to which, it is said, was one of the speakers has been as Mahir Mutrib identified. He is reported to have said: “traitor. You’ll be held accountable.” The voting profile was compared according to Hurriyet with vocal samples that had been taken at the entry of the man of border officials. American media had identified Mutrib as a regular companion of the Saudi crown Prince.

criticism of the monarchy represents the “red line”

Mutribs voice was also heard in 19 telephone conversations with Saudi Arabia. Four of these meetings had been held with the personal adviser to the crown Prince, Saud al-Kahtani,. The U.S. Treasury Department announced last week that the Operation to kill Khashoggis had been coordinated by Mutrib.

U.S. media reports, in addition to this, the Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman had ordered the killing of the regime-critical journalists. The US intelligence service CIA have the appropriate information to be presented to US President Donald Trump.

Saudi Arabia rejects, however, any criticism of the crown Prince. The foreign Minister, Adel al-Jubeir said in an Interview with the newspaper Aschark al-Ausat: “I want to emphasize that the leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is represented by the king and the heir to the throne, is a red line.” Further, he said: “We will not allow any Attempts to touch them, by whomsoever and under whatever pretext.”

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