” The discussion, it is enough ! The palaver, that’s enough ! The excuses, that’s enough ! ” says Bruno Le Maire, on Thursday morning on Public Sénat, about the 3% tax on the turnover of the giants of the digital. This exceptional tax is expected to be adopted at the end of the year by the european Council voting unanimously. The discussions on this european initiative, largely inspired by France, unsuccessful still with Denmark, Sweden and Ireland, while, for Germany, Olaf Scholz, the counterpart Bruno Le Maire, blows hot and cold. Finland, without being enthusiastic, is apparently less virulent than the other scandinavian countries.

After you have obtained the agreement of the bloc of the Visegrad (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic) during a recent trip, Bruno Le Maire, will be Tuesday at the Strasbourg Parliament so that the elected representatives put pressure on their government. The european Parliament, the taxation of Gafa is more widely supported than by the chancelleries… ” We are in favour of the taxation of the giants of the digital, but we still have to ensure that the tax is technically viable. There is still a bit of work, ” we know Berlin.

A version against which Bruno Le Maire recorded a fake. “It stuck, I will tell you very sincerely, as always in Europe, it is the lack of political will, he replies. All technical problems have been resolved and all those who are new to the technical obstacles will serve as a pretext for their lack of political will. It is time that Europe knows what it wants to become, it is a continent subject which accepts that of the giants of the digital, such as Google, Apple, Amazon have 14 points of taxation less than european companies, we are a continent of sovereign – what we want to build with the president of the Republic – and, in this case, the international taxation is the same for all. “

Far more symbolic than the annoying

The Germans, including a minister, SPD as Olaf Scholz, hesitate, in effect, a tax on turnover rather than profit. It is a question of philosophy tax. But also the protection of industrial interests. Berlin is wary of reprisals that could put the administration Trump and taxing the sales of BMW, for example. “But it’s wrong ! Americans do not we were never told about this fee, sliding-t-we at the office of The Mayor. They also have the Gafa in the collimator. Trump wants to attack through the anti-trust. “

on The side of the Scandinavians, it is the giant Spotify, founded in Sweden, that we would seek to protect… With 4 billion turnover (2017), this european giant of the digital music would also be subject to this tax digital is aimed at all companies whose turnover is greater than eur 750 million. Tax digital, ardently supported by The Mayor, would pay that 5 billion euros per year. A measurement that is more symbolic than truly punitive or embarrassing for the giants of the digital world. In addition, it is not intended to last, since it will extinguish itself as soon as the g-20 will agree on a way to harmonize the corporate tax in a dematerialized world. Therefore, the european tax has been accompanied by a clause to sunset, a term which means that it will turn off as soon as a better international tax will be in effect.

Means of pressure on the Ireland

even When the Scandinavians, and the Germans would convince them, it will be necessary to lift the lock end of the Irish. Not an easy task… Ireland has based its economic model on the home more friendly to the american giants of the digital world. Leo Varadkar, its First minister, has never, until now, been a sign of the slightest opening… At the same time, the Republic of Ireland requires the continued support of all the european States regarding the vexed border irish in the framework of the Brexit. Europeans wear out-they use of this means of pressure ultimate to overcome resistance to irish tax digital content ? The two issues have never been formally linked, but, between diplomats, we talk about it…

Finally, the Germans are advancing, on their side, another idea to end the injustice of tax which is hitting european companies : to fix a minimum rate of corporate tax in Europe. “It is a laudable idea, but on which it will be even more difficult to come to agreement,” objects-t-on the side of Bruno Le Maire, which will be soon in Berlin and several other capitals by the end of the year to convince the remaining reluctant to introduce the taxation of the turnover of the giants of the digital.

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