The Berlin staff is gepalten: “The allowance helps us a lot,” says the head of a comprehensive school in Berlin about the extra 300 Euro for the teacher to so-called focal point of schools. “This is appreciation for our very hard work.” The head of a primary school, however, says, the money bring nothing: “What we need are smaller classes and more teachers.”

the Senate and the house of representatives had decided in December to pay teachers to “schools in a difficult situation” retroactively to the beginning of the school year to EUR 300 per month allowance. Now, the Senate administration for education published Figures on how many teachers in which schools benefit from the allowance.

Two high schools under the focal point schools

Thus, the work of 58 schools is considered to be particularly challenging. Here, more than 80 percent of students from families dependent on social benefits derived from the scheme, according to. Most affected are the districts of Neukölln and Mitte.

a Total of 2298 teachers get the additional payment, in particular at primary, secondary and special schools, but also at two high schools in Neukölln.

in Addition to educators, the “exercise is a particularly difficult professional activity”, should get more money. However, you can get to the Senate paper, according to the tariff law no lump sum allowance. Educators at 32 elementary schools would be classified, instead, a charge the group higher.

What is a focal point of school anyway? A clear Definition does not exist. As focal points, among other things, areas that are more affected by unemployment, poverty or integration weaknesses than others. The Berlin Senate supports, for example, especially schools attended by poorer children. If at least half of the students is exempt from payment of teaching materials, you will be entitled to a bonus program that provides additional support. This applies, for example, for children whose parents receive social benefits such as unemployment benefit, housing benefit or Bafög or for children living in foster families or homes.

Those who are already in the highest payment group, however, empty. Here’s a better payment is not possible, is it in the Senate. Also an educator, working for free carrier, get nothing for the time being. Here, the city and youth welfare should only be a Finance some. Overall, the red-red-green Senate wants to distribute, within two years, more than 17 million euros.

WT: money for relief use

Ilka Hoffmann from the Executive Board of the education and science trade Union (GEW) said, the money could have been better invested. “It is for the colleagues nice to have something in the purse, but that is not relieved on-site. If they were close to Burn-out, use has a nothing.”

such As the above-quoted head of the primary school, who wants to remain anonymous, calls for Hoffmann, smaller classes and more teachers. What need of the teachers in the “schools with special challenges,” was more time with colleagues, parents, and youth assistance institutions to cooperate. The teacher would have to be committed to less teaching hours.

This not only applies to Berlin. In all the large cities teacher, the trade unionist were facing similar challenges, a solution there.

Hamburg have embarked on a good path, says Hoffmann. In the Hanseatic city will be evaluated on the basis of social data and school performance on a regular basis, where the schools are. There were problems, would increase the number of teachers – from the point of view of Hoffmann, however, is not sufficient.

The Problem: The glaring lack of teachers can Not discharge due to insufficient Teachers

the responsible little game. So red-green education policy-makers also had red-in Berlin, the Option are played to relieve the teacher at the focal point of schools, reported the “daily mirror”.

The consequence: It would, in addition, the absence of around a hundred teachers. Berlin mends the gaps with newcomers, the work most frequently at the focal point of schools.

So Berlin decided to use money as an incentive and appreciation – and with this tactics, according to Hoffmann alone. Similar measures were previously only in the conversation, in order to attract teachers in rural areas. So there are in Saxony-Anhalt as “Bush allowance” verspottetet Bonus.

Massive need for Renovation: The school’s ruins of Berlin, Jan-Martin Wiarda, mold, breakage and Legionella In any of the state schools are so dilapidated as in Berlin. Now the mayor intends to submit a master plan. In advance, there is a dispute.

Saxony wants to pay prospective teachers from August to more, if you commit for five years in the country to teach, according to the “Leipziger Volkszeitung”. Trainees will get 1000 Euro more per month. The free state had promised the funds originally for the beginning of the year.

Hoffmann doubted that the financial incentive will make a difference. Money alone is not a good Motivation. The teacher would have to stand behind your decision, no matter whether it is a life in the ore mountains, or working with students from difficult backgrounds.

The above-mentioned head teacher finds the incentive, however, is legitimate: “all the want, but only to the grammar school, it’s because it’s easier.” The focal point of the schools were empty. The principal of the school disagrees: “You must burn for the work. Alone for money.”

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