How school really

If I could recommend my school for Lisa, asked me a Familiar on the day of the open door. Well, of course! Then you get either to Mr Martens as a class teacher who is very strict but a great teacher. Or woman to Variability that is incredibly engaged.

Lisa is a student, as one hopes as a teacher is polite, hardworking and with other one hundred percent compatible. The child has learned to let other guys go first, not The parents can wait and screams. Such children we want at our school!

half A year later I had representation in Lisa’s class. Since then I no longer dare to look the mother in the eyes: Lisa is in for a terrible class. On the right a Boy sits, looks like an adult in the body of a child. As soon as I wegschaue once he takes away his neighbour of something, jumps up, runs across the room. And while I consider him a dressing down, I see in his eyes how he is planning the next Coup. In his eyes, something Restless, distracted-related, and Search is always playing. As I turn my back for a short time, he is stretching out my tongue.

If Learning is hardly possible

Of the variety, there are at least a handful of children. A hell of a noise prevails in the class. Only under the threat of massive penalties and through the reaction of students, I manage to keep the class reasonably in check. The poor classroom teachers, the poor, children, the poor Lisa. Courtesy, empathy, and good education, so you don’t come here. Early English, instrumental lessons, Antolin-reading workshop – all for naught, because here, Learning is hardly possible.

For a representation of an hour, because I’m not grinding me. The ringleaders get your address, there are messages to class teachers and parents and, thus, the case is done for me.

unfortunately I have forgotten the hour in the stress of everyday life again, I should’ve warned the mother: “Take your child out of the class, organized under the parents’ resistance to the learners.” Because angry parents hordes, at the best with the press in tow, responsive school leaders are very sensitive.

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Often parents do not know how it is in the class of their children. Especially with the first child you are unsure, don’t want to stand out, think with your child’s voice, perhaps a little.

But how can this happen to a high school? 55 percent of the students in our state, not go to the Gymnasium, the recommendations from the elementary school, are binding, and the schools compete for permanent applications. It is incredibly hard to, behavior disruptive students to get rid of.

Where are they supposed to go? The district schools say thank you, and special schools were abolished in the course of inclusion. Who belongs to the 55 percent, have to beat multiple massive to fly around the school. Until then, dozens of children have developed chronic abdominal pain at the thought of school.

The other Learning is impossible – that’s not enough for the school reference, unfortunately. And these are bad preconditions for a state Institution that distributes opportunities and chances.

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It is the speech of the under-educated parental homes is often of justice and equality. I am very much in favour of all children, regardless of their origin, and layer, have the same opportunities. But this is not about education, but about education, not about Knowledge, but about values.

It is not fair that children from education to distant homes to take other children the opportunities to Learn. Each “no”, every “Give the other something”, each read out page costs the parents a lot of strength. This effort must not be in vain. Children who know no rules, no respect and no respect, should not dominate the classroom.

The case of Lisa is not the rule, but it happens more and more frequently, and at the Moment we are a little powerless. A strict management of the school is sure a good help, but their action radius is limited.

Yesterday, I was at Lisa’s mother and brought my daughter from the birthday of your son. Finally, I had the opportunity to tell the mother how sorry I was for my recommendation is doing and what has had bad luck Lisa.

Only then did the significance of my inaction, I was aware of. “Now it goes to some extent, but the first half of the year, Lisa has after school every day crying.”

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