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“‘Rome at the time Caesar’s is’ – this Headline I wrote with chalk on a classic chalkboard; therefore, I am for a moment, the happiest teacher of the planet. Because I had forgotten how to Write with chalk to the touch; at my former school, there was only the digital whiteboard.

And Yes: These Boards are sometimes the Hammer. For example, you can show them DVDs, cinema-quality. A suitable YouTube video, to demonstrate a tough Text? Not A Problem!

about The author Daniel Schmitt, Arne Ulbricht , Born in 1972, taught at a comprehensive school in North Rhine-Westphalia, French and history. The teacher is the author of several books. Just his volume of stories, “father’s day is released!”.

Nevertheless, a year of growth for the year, my longing for the classic panel. Why? Quite simply, For the daily Anschriebe of all kinds, the best is the Slate not only as good, but usually for the better.

I Often say: ‘Anna, to write down your results as an undercover!’ Anna, who is always very quick, jumps up, hiding behind the expanded panel, and later presents its results. With panels, you can work in this way, wonderfully diverse – digital Whiteboards are just XXXL Desktops, can’t expand.

tables to normal tables can be completed by many students at the same time. Such a collective Ivan full Chaos ends often wrote in the educational value because the students are in motion, and the Compare brings because of the different student contributions are especially a lot of fun. This also doesn’t work on the digital Whiteboard, because you can’t write at the same time with multiple pins.

teacher confessions DPA Even more confessions you find here!

now and again I hear: ‘Mr Ulbricht, I can’t decipher your handwriting!’ ‘Sorry’, I say and write then extraordinary. And it’s true! Chalk Board images are individually and not to wear in the truest sense of the word, the handwriting of the teacher, because you have to turn the font in unit of font, or a home-prepared word to be able to upload the document. And that makes us teachers, not inhuman.

And last, but not least, The Slate is immediately ready for use. Okay, sometimes it needs to be wiped (takes a Minute). And if chalk is missing, send a student to the parallel class (takes thirty seconds). The digital Whiteboard must only be driven high and the (expensive) pen ‘calibrated’, so he draws his lines, where you put him.

And sometimes nothing more – expensive technology is vulnerable. A digital Whiteboard is of no use until the system administrator has the time and the errors it finds (and it sometime fixes). A Slate is never broken.

And now you come, you are a teacher or a teacher and want to confess something, tell, get rid of it? Then, please send us brief history (with a submission, you agree with an anonymous publication on SPIEGEL ONLINE, and all the other media of the SPIEGEL group in agreement)

For educational policy-makers, whose favorite theme is just the digital Pact, the wrong relics from ancient times of the panels, unfortunately, from the Cretaceous period, so to speak. You’d love to share today all the slates against digital Whiteboards. The lessons would be in order in fact digital, and the degree of digitization seems to be currently the only criterion for the school of the future.

unfortunately, This is nonsense. We don’t need the total digitization, but sufficiently enthusiastic colleagues, a committed social worker, and class sizes, which allow for reasonable teaching. The green sheets were, and are, no Problem. Most of the colleagues love to work and work well with them.

So they let us!

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