How school really

is That the school must prepare the children to live in the digital world, all experts actually agree on. However, in many schools, this rarely happens. Five billion euros from the digital Pact to change that – but the Federal government and the countries fight over funding and arrangements.

Some educators do not want to wait and develop their own projects for the digital classroom. As this teacher who has organized the digitization of his elementary school self and the colleagues are so unpopular. How it came to be and why he is convinced, nevertheless, by the use of digital media is, he says here:

“The success has given me actually quite. If I had a slow learning students, I had only one Option: I could paint the error, a support stapler to create and hope that the student makes the additional tasks.

Today, I can give him a digital learning passport. The student makes the tasks on a Tablet and immediately sees what is right and what is wrong. And I see the Cloud, whether he has processed the tasks. The Boy has improved within four weeks. And it was fun for him.

If children treat your home as a extensive-Pass voluntarily, then for me that is a sign that there’s something that works extremely well. The school has not seen, unfortunately. Today, we use the technique only private. It all started quite well.

parents help in financing

I’ve spent the past three years, primary school teachers in the country and have used in my class from the beginning a couple of private laptops and a projector. It was a bit complicated, because the devices were in need of a electro-TÜV. I have bequeathed you to the school.

From class two iPads. The parents were skeptical in the beginning, but after all of my didactic concept is very convincing. You have supported me even in the financing. In a short time, I had 18 second-hand equipment for the class. The school itself has only purchased five.

The school Board wanted a new device rather. She has ordered Android Tablets, and as it came to a fight. I wanted a school license for the Apple devices. Here, there are simply better Apps. However, the school did not want to invest in two operating systems.

Beamer-ban by the school Board

According to the school counsel personal devices in the classroom are also prohibited. The use of the iPads, I was therefore prohibited. Finally, the school management has given me the Beamer-use forbidden on the grounds that it was too much artificial light.

I think that’s something a little different behind it. The school Board does not fit it, when a single scamper. And, of course, the same Blah is always: We are a primary school. And the students need to learn Hand-writing. I have made myself in the College, thus, unpopular.

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In retrospect, I would have had to the College and the school might really be better. But from the very beginning has been interested no one to my computer. I stopped to tell about it.

And I am the last, the failed students of the handwriting. The iPad was always just one aspect. Here the students are trained, for example, with the ‘ABC-Tiger’. This is a App that teaches you the correct spelling in a playful way. Then, the children have written the words down in your notebook.

Meeting with like-minded people in the media project

Parenthood is still behind me. They complained even in the Ministry of education, but which is silted up. Now, my third-graders use the iPads only at home. I have designed a learning passport for all, and a lot of fun.

Ironically, has brought me to my commitment to the school anyway. I am now a member of a media education project of the Ministry of education in my state. Once a week I meet people that think similarly or even much more. And I know, too, that the principle of bring-your-own-device , that students bring your own iPads or Smartphones, is actually commonplace.

At my school I offered in my new function recently, a training on the topic of digitization. The participation was voluntary, our school principal was unable to be present. The communication among us has become better.

But what I find more frightening: that a the is simply installed, if you create something Exciting in-house initiative.”

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