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“two years Ago I had a student in my learning group – we call him Tarik – had to repeat a grade in school, because he was fallen by the Abi. In a Practice session before the final Abitur examination suspected Tarik, that it would again be tight, and was worried: ‘If I can’t make it now again, not be able to cope with my parents, they will not accept me and throw out. I’m afraid that I fall into a hole and not come out, I’m a criminal.’

We talked then for a long time, and I learned a lot about the family Situation of the student. His family came ten years ago from a war zone to Germany. Tariks father has become after an accident in the home country, unable to work and, therefore, Tarik supported financially as the Eldest of five siblings in the family.

He accompanied his parents and siblings to office, and doctor’s visits to assist you. In the past few months, Tarik and his mother stood by because she was letting the death of her mother.

In the cultural circle of his family it would be unthinkable not to provide the baccalaureate. ‘I’m just under too much pressure and don’t make nothing any more in the tests,’ said Tarik. I felt that he was at the end of his forces.

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another student pursued the conversation and said to us: ‘Actually, the teacher, but teachers are and should be right there to catch, if at home something goes wrong, when very much pressure is there.’

Tarik had improved in spite of all the challenges in the last year of school in almost all subjects at grades between one and three, only a subsidiary subject, he is deficient in a test subject to be sufficient. Thus, he would fail at the Abi. I realized how unfair that would be in this case.

The Judge of each teacher, and one of the tasks. The conference of education Ministers (KMK) writes that teachers should competently, fairly and responsibly ‘judge. ‘Young people need to learn in school that you are treated fairly and equitably, and evaluated, and they can take advantage of their educational opportunities.’

This sentence I absolutely agree, only it Is fair that students can’t study because of my Note or not invited for an interview? How do I know how someone develops in the future and what he’s capable of? Even with my own children, I can’t say that for sure.

It is an Illusion that teachers can use with their notes fairly and responsibly reflect.

Everyone gets a study authorization

The touch of pressure makes many students afraid, he’s frustrated and manipulated, is a handicap for Learning, or that they can develop into responsible people. This school should be a place for it to develop. However, I have to give notes. This is a Dilemma felt by many teachers with whom I am speaking, similar.

I have the feeling that I, through the grading of my job is to support students in their Learning, not enough descendant. As soon as I was clear, I decided to change my grading. Since then, there are in my classes, only good grades, Everyone gets a study permission. At the same time I’m aware of my study groups, the high demands of studying, and advise each one personally.

eliminated Since the music as a means of pressure, is forced not a student and not a student any more, with a certain content of Instruction to deal or something. I now need to find other ways, if I want the students to be involved in a topic. This is sometimes exhausting. But most of all it makes quite a lot of joy.

I can focus now, finally, to provide meaningful technical content interesting, because I don’t have to think about it, if enough fair-verifiable learning is one of them.

The students motivated it, if you can control your Learn more self-responsibility and involvement. And if you trust them a lot. Then more room for team spirit, honesty, sense of responsibility and Motivation – the basis for sustainable Learning. It feels right, if all in the class room behavior just out of Conviction and not out of fear of the consequences quietly.

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Back to Tarik: On my repeated intercession, a colleague, to give him a better grades decided, and so I was able to congratulate him on a little later to his passing the higher education entrance qualification. I try anytime, my responsibilities as a teacher as best as we Can, to meet Knowledge and belief.”

The author is Westphalia, a teacher at a school in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.