How school really

is That the school must prepare the children to live in the digital world, all experts actually agree on. Our author, a secondary school teacher in Hamburg, became, therefore, the IT coordinator of his school – on the one hand from the pedagogical Considerations, but also out of personal interest.

If he discussed with colleagues, parents, or Acquaintances about good, future teaching performance and, thus, digital-based, he stumbles again and again, to the prejudices and errors. Here are the most common false assumptions – and the appropriate counter-arguments.

The children of today are Digital Natives? No, they’re not.

The mere Growing up with Apple and Android, makes children a long time to experts. Quite the contrary! The operation of digital devices has become more intuitive, the price to pay is high: children are more aware of what is happening in the Background, where the phone ends and the Internet begins.

the flowing Transition from Fake News and serious news in social networks glued the views of the world: truth and falsehood are hard to distinguish. All of the children do not learn just by Writing Whatsapp messages.

students always want to play just on your phone? That is not true.

We are not allowed to transfer the fascination we felt when we played with two white bars and a square Tennis to the youth of today. For them, computers are always there and everywhere. You see them much more sober than we give them credit for: as tools, toys, daily routine and time wasters.

Unquenched, the thirst for real-life experience, class trips, battles, movement, and mud; we have to take these things with you and not out of sheer convenience by the Tablet sedate. to prohibit

Instead of everything Digital, we need to educate the kids. The football App as well little for the first Rendezvous, such as secret messages under the table in the classroom. The online dictionary in the English lesson, however.

Digital media stupid? Nonsense.

Electronic media are bad for the school grades, the Thesis of the popular scientist Manfred Spitzer. But what it helps if we prepare the children to a analog school, where the world of work is becoming more digital? We should not change rather then at the school?

be honest: How many texts have you written in your life so far in their sweeping simplified output writing, and how many with your storchigen two-finger technique on the keyboard? This is only one of numerous examples where the school has missed out on, teach, what we need in everyday life.

The schools are ill-prepared for digitalization? is not True.

In the Federal educational jungle there are not “schools” simply. Schools get money for the media equipment assigned to and decide what you do with it. In practice, it depends on a number of school and College, such as digital teaching.

the Status of the subject of computer science of the Federal state is different to state. In Bavaria, it has long been a compulsory subject, in Hamburg, computer science has lost this Status a few years ago. Nobody dares to the timetables of other subjects – instead, it tries to distribute the content to the subjects. A daring try!

teacher confessions DPA Even more confessions you find here!

For children apply with very strict conditions on data protection. Also if you post new topics in Michael home page long Terms and conditions unread with the mouse wheel, so we can not give the data of thousands of minors just price. Who would like to be in schools to be innovative, goes quickly into dangerous grey areas. Here, the Federation and the Länder must be comprehensively active, and have a safe and comfortable infrastructure.

We don’t need facts to know more? A Mistake.

“but eh, everything in Wikipedia”, you might say. But with this Argument, the students will later on in a Meeting or a presentation in front of customers points. It is much more important for a specific Situation-relevant information at the right Moment in a structured way the Council of Europe.

Versailles, 1919, decree of article 25 and 48 – students can memorize in order to understand the end of the Weimar Republic. Student learning today, while exemplary, that is rather deepened a thing as everything is superficial, but Memorization is just as much as before.

All need to learn programming? No, you do not need to.

anyone Who thinks that computer science is only programming, also believes that art is only painted. Programming is only a tiny part of a huge discipline. It comes to databases, Algorithms, operating systems, networks – the list can go on and on.

to survive in the digital future, you can not programming necessarily. There are now many tools that do this Job for us. Sure, you need basic knowledge to understand these Tools. But not everyone has to write by Hand Code.

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