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runs The new school year. And in this year, he seems to be as big as never before: the lack of teachers. This leads already to the beginning of the school year to frustration: in the case of parents, politicians and teachers – and thus also for me. For one thing, there are bad teachers supply the same free of charge: a lot of representation hours.

From the experience of past school years, I can imagine that it will not take long until the first mid – to long-term illness or a longer secondment, I find in my Inbox – and, therefore, the timetable of all the colleagues will be mighty jumbled. Add to that substitute teachers are hard to get, only after a long, bureaucratic Back and Forth. That is to say for the Rest of us: ‘as a representation of hours. And are usually unpaid.

On the thumb of my representation hours were roughly speaking 80 to 90 percent in the past few years, disorderly conduct. I watched the movie with the classes that I did not know. I gave work assignments of absent members, whom I could not help the students – which led to the follow-up in the next hour, again just as a lot of time. Or I let the students do the homework, which was done only from the specially Hardworking tidy.

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meanwhile, my urgently, for Regeneration or for preparing lessons required hollow disappeared hours easy – to- consumed by a mostly tourist class, who understandably had no desire to protect me. Just in a relatively small school such as my eating the fast to the substance of the entire College.

But why is representation hours of work so bad? Usually the representation is planned in the short term, so that no adequate teaching can take place. It then sits with the class the time playing hangman or edit spreadsheets from any Fundus, designed by the student in English in weeks of extra work at the request of the school management, which do not fit on the current lessons of the past few hours.

Even if in the Best-Case scenario, a Professional interpreter takes over the hours, the treated in each topic, the relevant class. After almost every representation of the hour, I think to myself that not only I, but also the students can have this time much better. With a Kick on the schoolyard, read in the library, in the gossip with your best friend, and even listen to music on the Smartphone.

“But the duty of supervision!”

Are not the true reasons, why most of the students go relatively happy at school? Meet friends, the weekend schedule and the table tennis game in the break; all the things that take place Away from the lesson – at least for me it used to be so.

“But the duty of supervision!”, I hear tell my headmaster. I leave for elementary school students Yes. Why we do not trust it, but young people to be engaged in the school grounds or on the way home an hour earlier to compete, but can probably only answer the crafty lawyers of the school Supervisory authority.

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On the side of a representation of an hour the supervision of the pupils and in the best case so, but not regularly, a tiny little learning progress. On the other hand, unpaid Overtime, with the result that even healthy teachers to further stress, and unmotivated students, they know very well that you can spend this time much better.

Therefore, my appeal to all the angry parents and nervous school boards: Give children free time and let more hours to fail! Most of the young people have in times of G8 and co. already too little time for social contacts or sports activities. The school career of pupils will fail at one or other of the hollow hour, and we teachers would thank you for it.

The author is a teacher at a baden-württemberg Gymnasium.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.