How to give students fair grades? This is one of the most important questions, the teacher is of concern in your professional life. How overwhelming it can be to find an answer to that, described a teacher Recently in an article.

“It is an Illusion that teachers can use with their notes fairly and responsibly reflect,” she wrote. You have therefore converted their grading, and distribute only good grades.

Many readers have criticized the teacher for their decision. Good notes for all that was unfair to students who make an effort really was an Argument.

our note weaknesses in the system, however, is obvious: teachers need to sort the performance of children and adolescents in six narrow drawers and is intended to take into account, if possible, also the individual circumstances in which each student is located. Also Hessen has recognized the Problem and allows, in the future, up to 30 schools to assess their students in a different way, with written assessments.

Four teachers and the teachers tell the story of how difficult it is to distribute notes and what Tricks you manage:

vocational school teacher from Bavaria: “I mix all the exams once through”

“I try to grade fair, but in German this is hard. Although the exams are there no names but only numbers, I can’t map, I can see most of my students in their manuscripts. If I know who has written the exam, influenced me. If I learn of other teachers, which students always achieved excellence and who once stayed sitting, also plays in my grading.

But I turn a few Tricks to rate just. Before I correct, by I mix all of the exams once, so I take the Work in the order that I have collected. I write me also what answers I expect, and the same with the answers of the students.

I correct also always task one for all exams, then the task of turn two for all exams. So I’m not influenced by whether someone has answered task one, two and three bad, and think, then the answer to question four is also bad.

If I know a student is in a serious Situation, because the parents are ill or have financial Worries, it can affect my rating, but a maximum of a Note. However, I try in such cases to talk with the students and to ask you if you want to make up the exam dear.”

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high school teacher from Hamburg: “I’m not on discussions, a”

“Pia is a One has written. She has created a schematic drawing, for which she has received an a-minus and a homework assignment handed in, I have a Plus down. Your portfolio is completely and neatly. In the classroom, it makes all the tasks conscientiously. Unfortunately, she reports, as well as not. This is practically a Five.

one of the Four has to Leave in the work, the drawing he scribbled on the back and his wallet is patchy and kind of unappetizing, I don’t like you even in the Hand. For this, he logs on often and brings clever posts, sometimes he rambles, however, and told, suddenly, that the English had invented the steam engine already in 1760, it just goes to Hurricanes.

What should I give them for a grade? There are colleagues who expect every post with Excel spreadsheets, up to the comma issue. Therefore, Pia had a Three plus and Leave a Three minus. I give Pia a Two minus and Leave a Three. I also have to take into account the Strengths and weaknesses of the students. Notes educational notes are always.

When I decided to go for a Note, not a I discussions. Even if it is sometimes hard. Who besides me is supposed to evaluate the quality of students ‘ contributions? Otherwise, the one who gets the best grades, doing the best story of why he needs a Two. The children who accept everything mute, would then be at a disadvantage.”

teacher in the class (icon image)

primary school teacher from the Rhineland-Palatinate: “grades are always subjectively”

“In the study, we should assess a math work. It notes came out between Two and Five in math. In English, the assessment is even more difficult. Therefore, we must not fool ourselves: grades are always subjective.

Also, notes can not afford even what they should make. Our Ministry of education is that grades should not only make the achievements of students comparable, but that they should also the individual progress of each child can be mapped.

However, this is unrealistic. Then someone who has improved a lot in the extreme case, a One, although his classmates, the provides from the beginning, consistently good performance, has a Two.

Nevertheless, I would not want grades to be abolished, because I see that my students are eager. Don’t ask: Did I do good? Where can I improve? Ask: Which Note is that? You work for a censorship, not for a Pat on the shoulder.

we Also need to prepare you for what comes later. On the secondary school or at University, you get grades. If you wanted to abolish, one would have to change the entire education system.

We have written earlier years of assessments, so-called Verbal, in addition to the testimony notes. That was a lot of work for us – and hardly anyone has noticed. The least students have understood the prose. And the parents you have not only read, if you were with the stars above.”

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secondary school teacher from Hamburg: “I tell you what from the fingers”

“The Note two, which, I admit, is not the same as that of my colleagues. To the reason that the notes may not be fair. The better I know the student, the more fairly I can rate.

But in chemistry I have been teaching mostly only a double-hour per week. If I get a class new to this, I have seen the students a couple of times before I have to give you for the first Time notes. If then several girls, for example, have long blonde hair, so strongly resemble, it is almost impossible to rate them fairly. I suck me then what from the fingers because it is my duty.

When it comes down to it, though, I try to ask my students where they see themselves. I’ll give you a task that you can solve still, and talk to everyone individually in an adjacent room. Sometimes you make me pay attention to something that you have helped, for example, often the structure of the experiments. In the bustle, I take not always so true.

nobody gets a good grade, just because he says he’s great. We have an obligation to the universities, we ask a higher education entrance qualification. Students who struggle at secondary school, we must identify other ways to as a course of study. This too is our task.

Individual reports would be much better than the six drawers that actually fit never. A good Text would also tell an employer more than a touch. But because we are in this System, we have to adapt.”

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