In Baden-Württemberg there are from this year, part-time interns. “This possibility species, to take care of a child or a loved one maintain as well as for the severely handicapped teacher for aspiring teachers of all the school”, informed the Ministry of culture on Wednesday in Stuttgart.

The regular internship lasts for 18 months. In the part-time model, aspiring teachers are working 60 per cent, of the preparatory service lasts for 30 months. The state legislature had amended the law on civil servants in the past year.

Minister of culture Susanne Eisenmann (CDU) said to the teacher profession more attractive: “The new model means a relief for aspiring teachers with a consistent quality of training.” The Ministry of education expects that at the first run-through of around 30 prospective teachers have to complete your traineeship part-time.

More on the topic of Berlin, Only about a third of all new teachers has a teaching degree completed

The clerkship begins for teachers at grammar schools and vocational schools at the 7. January. For the basic education teacher training for teacher training, real-, main – and secondary schools as well as teacher training for special education to start the seminars on 1. February.

In each of the länder, such as Berlin and Saxony is, according to a listing of the education and science trade Union (GEW) at the request of a clerkship, part-time possible.


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