As the bomb burst, sat the whole family around the kitchen table. It was Sunday, half a night and a whole morning’s work, were behind the four Jansens: behind mother Eva, father Michael and the daughters Barbara and Carolin. Time for a strong Cup of coffee, a second Breakfast – and a confession. “Mom, dad, we need to tell you something,” began the sisters.

“Either both of you are pregnant, or you are moving to Australia”, these two options had shot her through the head, says Eva Jansen, a can-do woman, the shaken normally, nothing so quickly. Their two daughters were always very close. That they planned together their future was not completely far-fetched. Both studied law, both of them had chosen after graduating from the University of Cologne.

Back to Town

the two sisters wanted to Move actually. However, to the other end of the world, but – and that was almost a bigger shock back to Haldern on the lower Rhine. Back in the 5000-souls-Village in which you grew up and where her parents run since the eighties, a medium-sized bakery chain with four outlets. Back in the homeland.

And not only that: The law school, had you decided you wanted to cancel and instead the operation, the grandfather after the war had built up, in the third Generation. Secretly you were looking for, even two training. Because knowledge in corporate and commercial are certainly very useful – but, to bake good bread.

hands of the nurses at work

The parents could not believe what they heard there, fluctuated between joy and rejection. The daughters knew what they were letting themselves in for? Getting Up early? The night work in the bakery? The responsibility for the employees? The lack of weekend? The fight against the big bakery chains and their low prices?

500 Euro per month for the first year of the apprenticeship

But the two were determined. Finally, they had witnessed more than 20 years, what happens to tube behind – the-Scenes back- and that is exactly what she had quenched before. “We never wanted to follow in the footsteps of our parents,” says Barbara. There have been gentle requests, whether they could imagine to become a Baker. “We have thrown out all the time.”

The attitude is not unusual: For years, the industry has a massive problem with Young talent. In addition to a plumber, butcher, and restaurant specialist of the bakery called to the most unpopular training. According to Figures from the Federal Institute for vocational education and training (BIBB) remained in 2015 – the year in which the Jansen sisters opted for the baking and crafts every fourth training place vacant. The working times and the low tariff compensation of 500 Euro per month for the first year of training discourage many young people.

Barbara and Carolin had to get used to the new rhythm as their friends were studying. “We have met often in the early,” says Barbara, which makes their training in Cologne, Germany. “My friends have gone then eventually you more in a club. I drove the tube in the back.”

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Why have the two? The freedom of studying abandoned the big city behind for a strictly timed routine of bone of hard work?

“I pretty much realized quickly that Jura is the joy that I had hoped for,” says Barbara, the younger of the two sisters. “I found the Technical uninteresting, but I could not imagine, to spend my life.”

This was not changed, as Carolin, the Elderly, after training as a Bank clerk, a law degree also began in Cologne, Germany. On the contrary, Now that they were together, and felt the sisters, the more that the chosen path was the right one. In the semester holidays, she spent most of the time at home, helping in the family bakery and the connected Café and commented: There’s a bond, one that was perhaps always been there, but you would have never come true.

Nights talking

“in Retrospect, I believe that we have not dared a long time,” says Barbara. “It is so: Who makes today’s high school diploma, studied – is expected by society and the environment.”

And what if it doesn’t meet these expectations? In their Cologne apartment, the sisters talked all night long, the heads are hot. Instead of the Lectures in Civil law, prepare or learn for the exams, they came back again and again to this one question: What if…? Yes, what if we make but what we wanted to do never really? What if we find that it is Best for us? Only in one thing they were sure, or not at all.

Friday night in the bakery

Since then, much has happened. In a few months, the sisters will complete their training and may be called “pastry chef”. Because you do not have a high school diploma – is what apprentices in this industry is common and because they both wrote in the vocational school, very good grades, you could shorten your training on two and a half years. In the port you want to visit the school, maybe even study, business or craft of management. Because if you replace your parents, you will be entrepreneurs and thus mistresses four branches and 45 employees.

running To warm up, you spend also, by now, almost every weekend in Haldern. On the Friday night after your arrival, you are in the bakery. Not only you have to adapt to their future roles, says Barbara. Also, the employees needed time. “A lot of people knew us as little girls – and then we are suddenly in-chief.”

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.