took place in Munich until today, the technology conference DLD, a kind of mandatory Flag roll call of the German digital scene. The host is the Hubert-Burda-publishing house that has created, in addition to its media brands, such as “Colorful”, “Focus” or “TV Smart” an Internet Empire of Xing on Jameda up to holiday check. Apparently, platform founder and Social seem to crave workers to an old-fashioned get-together; otherwise the success of the DLD or his U.S. counterparts, TED is hard to explain.

The lectures do not seem to be the bait, because you can sit in DLD-live stream and afterwards retrieve – free of charge (a spokeswoman says the Tickets have “a value of 3500 Euro”). Who is doing this, often hear expressions such as “super exciting”, “awesome” or “fantastic”, always with at least one exclamation mark. The content of many of the speakers remain conspicuously inconspicuous. The least guests are a one-man fireworks, some sound more like their incarnate press release.

Sheryl Sandberg

Top-stage celebrity Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook. Almost all of the content she had squandered earlier in a written Interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”, as their appearance remained (here on Video) a rehearsed sermon, the monitors collected. Some of the set collapsed as bath foam.

But a look at the performances of the not-so-prominent speakers is certainly worthwhile. Loic Tallon, digital chief of New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, told about how museums could be a platform, by adopting parts of their collection as a data interface, which would then be used, for example, in the case of Wikipedia – an artistic intelligence, so to speak. Here you will find the related Video.

The Italian sound designer, Renzo Vitale described how he wants to give electric cars that drive slower than 30 kilometers per hour, a unique and clear Sound that sounds so pleasant, like a waterfall, but pedestrians, warns (Video).

And the author and Investor Kai-Fu Lee described the exciting, how to let the big Tech companies in Silicon Valley, nothing is more scorching and the Parking spaces were orphaned at seven o’clock in the evening – which, in turn, China is the battle in terms of artificial intelligence easier. The recording is available here.

Some of the appearances over there were, however, significantly as advertising. Before BMW CEO Harald Krüger was allowed to praise his company, he was introduced with a few words to the cars of the group: “Are you beautiful?”

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Strange digital world: All instead of only the half of

The mobile phone reception is known to be along many of the German Railways scantily – regular readers of this newsletter know the reasons why. Now I observe as a commuter, a phenomenon: people send from the train voice messages back and forth to make phone calls instead.


This might work more reliably than a phone call, but the passengers have to endure new hardships. Because the incoming messages are mostly heard over the loudspeaker, it follows you now, so the whole conversation.

external link: Three tips from the other media

“Paywalls, Voice Interfaces – 10 theses on the media, change, 2019” (radio contribution, 43 minutes)
changed How this year, the media landscape? News sites disappear behind Paywalls? Dies Facebook? Readers, viewers and listeners are becoming more and more trust in the media? This is a result of “An hour, What with the media”, and gives an Outlook. “The MESA-App estimating your risk of cardiovascular disease with and without coronary calcium score” (in English, three minutes of Reading) can be described
In this Text on “The Skeptical Cardiologist” the functioning of an App that would help determine the individual risk for a cardiovascular disease. “Netflix claims Fortnite is now a bigger competitor than HBO” (in English, two minutes of Reading)
With whom Netflix is the measure of? How to “Gamasutra” reported, the streaming service, among other things, the popular and free to play video game “Fortnite” as a great competition to draw attention to the own offer.

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