The sales of Apple declined due to weaker iPhone sales, especially in China. In the past quarter, to 29. December decreased the revenues by almost five percent to 84.3 billion dollars, as the US group announced after the market close. The profit per share increased by 7.5 percent to 4.18 dollars.

at the beginning of January, the company has transferred the equity markets worldwide with the first revenue warning since 2007 in an uproar. Instead of the previously promised a maximum of 93 billion dollars, US Americans reduced their forecast to $ 84 billion. This group was 84.3 billion dollars now easy. Year-on-year a decrease of five percent. Apple had justified the Minus already with an unexpectedly lower demand for iPhones in China.

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Now the company is on further declines in revenue For the current quarter Apple expects to have 55 to 59 billion dollars in sales. In the prior-year quarter, it had been well 61 billion dollars.

Apple announced for the first time, not sales figures and more

The win was despite the significant decline in sales almost on previous year’s level with almost 19,97 billion dollars. It probably helped that Apple is selling, although obviously less iPhones – but there were more expensive models on offer.

The group called for the quarter for the first time, no sales figures of its devices, but only the sales in the individual regions and product categories. Thus, the revenue in China fell in the end of December completed fiscal quarter of almost 17,96 around 13,17 billion dollars.

The iPhone, Apple revolutionized the mobile phone industry, there was a decline in sales of around 15 percent to nearly 52 billion dollars. The Smartphone brought in still good 61 percent of Apple’s revenue – otherwise, it had been more than two-thirds.

Apple CEO Tim Cook: thickness, width

At the same time, the service business, and includes the storage-Service-iCloud, the streaming service Apple Music and the group’s share of Proceeds from App sales grew by 19 percent to 10.9 billion dollars. The long weakening of the iPad, there was the new, more expensive Per-model, a jump from 17 percent to 6.7 billion dollars in sales.

The division with the computerized watch, Apple Watch,, the speaker of the HomePod, and other devices such as the AirPods headphones increased sales by as much as a third to $ 7.3 billion. Also, the business with the Macintosh computers. Here, Apple was able to increase sales by 8 percent.

Although it is disappointing to miss the Sales expectations for the Christmas quarter, showed the Figures by the strength of the Apple business in the width, said head of the company Tim Cook. The group had made for the past quarter of a year originally, with revenue of up to 93 billion dollars.

Apple shares rose after trading hours in the first minutes after the numbers template by more than two percent, although the forecast for the current quarter was below analysts ‘ expectations.


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