In this technique, no actors benefits more: About 10,000 students in China have taken in the case of a large-scale Test in the classroom, headbands, measure the activity of your brain. The scientific journal “New Scientist” reported.

The teachers were able to see on an App, the average attention span of your students. In addition, colored lights to the EEG showed different headbands, whether the students focused on the matter were, or whether they can be lost in daydreaming.

this is technology, according to the report of the US state of Massachusetts-based company BrainCo. Its founder, Bicheng Han said the device will help to recognize teachers, which students needed special support.

Alleged promotion of concentration

The students, ages 10 to 17 years who participated in the Test part had to be home each day to 25 minutes a specific mobile game play. This should increase your ability to concentrate.

“After a few rounds you will learn how to stay focused,” said Han in the “New Scientist”. The more she concentrated, the further you progressed in the game. Han, according to the study, participants improved their scores by ten percent. Also, you would have needed less time for homework.

Ethical and scientific concerns

in addition to the ethical concerns due to the Monitoring of the student scientists also Express doubts as to the validity of the data. According to the report, the attention can not be determined by means of the brain waves precisely. Also an improvement in the performance cannot be documented. This was often due to a Placebo effect.

Brian Anderson of the Texas A&M University, brought a further point of criticism: “What if the students are not very smart, so you do not need so much attention, to understand something?” These students have needs from the perspective of a teacher, then a special support.


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