by 2025, it will provide 99 per cent of the population and 90 percent of the surface with 5G, promised to Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges on Thursday in Berlin. “Germany is covered to a good 30 percent of the forest. If it is useful, we will also provide these areas with 5G,“ said Höttges.

The telecoms will invest despite company debt in the amount of about 50 billion euros each year, 5.5 billion Euro in the Expansion of the networks with optical fiber and mobile wireless technologies, announced the group’s boss. In this amount the sums for the acquisition of mobile spectrum for 5G-auction will not be included in the coming year.

Telekom is working with Telefónica together

Höttges submitted an Eight-point Plan to accelerate the introduction of 5G in Germany. The program includes a conference that will bring to network operators and users to the table. The 5G infrastructure necessary to use the Telecom with other network operators, in particular in the country. Höttges pointed to a recent agreement with Telefónica (O2), with the help of around 5000 antenna locations from Telefónica to the fibre optic network of the Telekom be connected. dpa/Henning Kaiser, After an agreement is reached, the Truck toll Telekom CEO Tim Höttges said it was a “fair result”.

the aim of Telekom is to provide 100 percent of the population in Germany, with speeds of at least 100 megabits per second. Currently 24.4 million households out of a total of around 40 million households could be a suitable Telekom hold book-product. A level indicator in the corporate headquarters in Bonn, the Telekom should document the progress in the future visible.

Höttges: pads brake fiber expansion

Höttges for simplified conditions for the laying of fibre-optic cables in cities and municipalities. In Germany often the cable tunnel of 1.20 meters deep and more would be required, while in other regions in Europe procedures are possible in which the cables are only 20 cm deep in the soil. “Here the regulatory stallion of the municipalities neighs.”

so Far, the Telecom fiber-optic cable have are practically in every street. Starting in the year 2021, the group intends to provide each year, approximately two million households annually with fiber optic connections directly to the home (FTTH). Höttges defended the decision of his company to use the controversial VDSL technology as a transitional solution, in order to connect households with broadband to the network. Without VDSL, only 20 percent of households would have received a fast network connection, so it had been 80 percent. More on the topic of 5G criticism of rules for 5G-Vergabe5G licenses: O2 parent Telefónica sees itself at a disadvantage, and before the court, Telekom, Vodadone, o2 & 1&1: reactions of the suppliers on the 5G plans 5G network is supposed to! 2025 be available everywhere frequencies for mobile communications standard, 5G will be auctioned at the beginning of 2019 mobile summit, politics, and the cellular provider does not want to throw away the “white spots” of the mobile phone network-map erase

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