The Loose-Part event, however, often the audience: “The TV game will find its continuation in the right Consumer. And is riddled with Tricks and oddities,“ write the experts.

What the consumer advocates miss

The lions would be their “Deals” advertising effective and profitable in supermarkets, discounters and the Internet. Perfectly, the viewers timed the Morning after the show, new products on the shelves, which are awarded with a Golden lion Logo: “from the VOX founder Show”.

So far, So practical and sent. But “who has access, immediately, to pay for his curiosity often with high prices and disappointments”, warn consumer advocates. It was “strange” that the “questionable” “lion”Logo was also found on products that are in the start-up show.

“Much too expensive!”

If none of the lion’s invested his money in a product, buyers should be extra careful. For “DasKaugummi”, a sugar-free product that relies on unusual flavours, such as Orange/ginger, hailing it in the power of fierce criticism: “too expensive!” or even “disgusting”, my disappointed buyers. PDF The best lawyers in Germany to 2018

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articles, for a “Deal” came to be not able to meet the high expectations apparently. The consumer found the “straight” ten-lion products got Amazon bad reviews and “, a total of hundreds of angry comments”. Including the repair pen “Plastic” (“garbage”) or the “Abflussfee”, a plugs with scent stone (“the pure case”).

Aldi stroke “Protect Pax” from the assortment

the Same applies to “Protect Pax”: The liquid screen protector for cell phones advertised with “100 per cent, break-and scratch-security” – even at the “hammer blows”. “Stern TV” trying to see if this is true – and smashed in front of the camera, the Display of a Protect Pax treated Smartphones. In addition, there were complaints of many customers about scratched Displays. The manufacturer finally had to change the advertising, in the case of Aldi, and other retailers, the packages flew from the branches.

The price policy of the lion also makes for resentment in the consumers. The strategy “go to the expense of angefixten fast buyers. The lion namely roar extremely loud high recommended prices (RRP). However, the prices are more reminiscent of the Tiger, the land as a bedside rug.“

Suddenly only € 19.99 instead of 119.99 euros

Particularly egregious examples: The “cave-of-the-lions-shop” offers on eBay also products from the last seasons. There is a Set of three of anti-intrusion “window latch” from the fourth season cost only a mere $ 19.99 compared to the MSRP of 119.99 euros. PDF check list for tax return Our PDF guide will show you how you can get your tax return quickly and save.To the PDF guide

the operator of the eBay stores, the “my in-trading Handelsgesellschaft”, actually the prices, should the consumer advocates. It is, in fact, according to his own Website, the official marketing partner for “cave of the lion”article.

For a sighting of the consumer to the eBay Shop even all of the existing EIA had the prices crossed out. It, lured by discounts of 50 percent and more. For the Game Mat set “Tukluk”, for example, only 149 euros were called, the EIA fraud 599.99.

Some of the lion-article land on Wühltischen

the product range of the official lions Shop also offers on the Marketplace of Amazon. In a comparison of the respective prices of the testers noted for identical items have different prices. The “turn signal gloves”, about the were at least ten euros, complain the experts.

Some products to help even a cunning marketing strategy. So also the-lion-land-licking-article finally, on Wühltischen and Grabbe. The non-slip dog bowl “Yumminator M” about Aldi wanted to get rid of South. So he was up for grabs for € 5.29 – the EIA was once for 27,99 Euro.

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