As a mid-week, heavily armed police officers of the Federal police’s elite unit BFE+ in Stuttgart airport grew, it was clear that it was pure Routine. Quickly, the speech on Spying came the attempt of a suspect offenders and potential helpers, the media wanted to know of a Terror-Quartet, determined and ready for anything.

Actually, the Stuttgart public Prosecutor has dangerous against four people in an investigation for the preparation of a serious state crime of violence initiated. On Friday morning, they left their apartments browse, in North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg.

But what is behind it? How did the sensational use at the airport?

According to SPIEGEL information stand at the beginning of a note by the Moroccan secret service, of Germany at the 3. December reached. This is clear from confidential documents of the security authorities. The agents of Rabat had collected, that a man called Nabil Abu o. o. and as a Frankfurt live output of the Syrians, with North Africa living in the 21-Year-old confidential messages exchanged via Facebook.

But the news slipped soon to the Extremist.

He plane, as the alleged Abu O. wrote, together with others an attack on a prominent target, such as on an airport on the German-French border. In the course of the Christmas season, because for the “inhabitants of the West” is so important. The authorities were alerted.

Ten days later, found the security forces in Paris, two men went on a Thursday night, images from the airport “Charles de Gaulle”. As officials they wanted to raise, drove the Duo in a white Mercedes Sprinter. The car, registered in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Aachen, introduced to Abdellah A., 48, of the North Rhine-Westphalian authorities of the Salafist map of the scene. However, he is not classified as a threat. The officials believe that, among other things, his 21-year-old son, Ilias, also probably Salafist, however, is not a threat, the trip to Paris made.

maybe he Was an accomplice of Abu. o., asked the investigators?

And then it came out that the day before the strange incident in Paris, the two men had a behavior very similar to the Stuttgart airport. Also there was the evening of the 12th. December a Duo of images, especially in Terminals two and three. Defenders of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia said on the recordings of the airport to detect surveillance cameras, Ilias A., and also from the Aachen-born Salafist Faras A. S., 23. Against them is now determined to make as well as against the father, Abdellah A.

photos at airports, is possibly suspicious, but hardly a punishable offence

In an internal analysis, the Stuttgart state office of criminal investigation came to the conclusion that a “hazardous event” is as likely to be level 3 to be considered: “”. The police uses a scale, with a rating of whether a risk could realize actually – it ranges from one (“a dangerous event is expected to”) to eight (no risk).

The Reasons, the strange behavior of the two airports, according to the defenders of the State, suspected Salafists behind it were. But what purpose it served, is still unclear. To take photos at airports, is possibly suspicious, but hardly punishable. It will, therefore, depend much on what the officials can find the searches. In particular, look for records, of any plans of the Suspects.

And the news from Morocco? The announcements from Abu O.? It seems to be more about the Bragging rights of a criminal.

The investigation led not to a 27-year-old Syrians in Frankfurt, who had spent the Abu O. his chat partner, but the Lebanon-born two-time father M., who lives in a Podunk town in Baden-Württemberg.

M. is 28 years old and because of the smuggling crime is known, but not as Islamist. Until the summer he lived in the Bergisches Land in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, then he moved to the South of the Republic. Currently, it is also determined against him. So far, there is, however, no evidence for a connection between the Spying and the news of the Abu O., it is called in security circles.

All any instructions that M. alias Abu planned. o. actually stops the absence of the experts from the Federal government and the country. It was in any case “extremely unusual,” it says in an internal analysis of the police, that jihadists attack plans for individuals disclosed that are entirely foreign, as it had done Abu O. via Facebook.

It should be therefore be considered, as a Criminologist put it, that M. wants to play in front of his young chat partner only. Especially since the wife will probably travel to Germany.

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