In Kabul have once again hit the terrorists in the middle of the capital. In an explosives-Laden car on a suicide bomber to the heavily fortified “Green Village approached in the afternoon” on the Jalalabad Road, due to a number of walls shielded the living quarters for foreigners, then he detonated the bomb.

The Detonation was heard all over the city, then a column of black smoke rose above the centre of the city in the sky. It was a sad reminder that the Afghan capital is safe.

Many children among the injured,

The balance of the attack is depressing. Four Afghans, including three police officers, were killed by the Detonation, another civilian was also killed. A few hours after the attack, the interior Ministry reported that up to 90 people, including many children, have been injured by the car bomb, some seriously.

The attack, so in any case, the first analysis was the “Green Village”. In the heavily secured complex surrounded by high walls and accessible only through several security gates, housing the few in Kabul, remaining foreigners, officials of the EU, the UN, or also of the German society for International cooperation (GIZ).

German police officers by shards of glass

According to the MIRROR hurt information were injured by the blast on Monday afternoon, two German police officers, Westphalia is a German Federal police officer and a police officer from North Rhine-Westphalia.

According to information from security circles, the two Germans were injured by flying glass splinters to the Hand and the eye, it is but slight injuries.

According to initial information, the German police, the support in the train of a training project for the Afghan security forces were, at dinner, in the secured complex when the bomb exploded. For safety reasons, the German participants of the police are accommodated in mission for quite some time in the “Green Village”.

No clues to the perpetrators

pictures from the “Green Village” to show how violent the Explosion was within the residential area, which resembles more a military camp than a Hotel. So many panes of glass broke in the Cafes and Restaurants, according to witnesses, the residents were promptly brought in extra secure Bunker.

The incident on Monday shows once again how dangerous any kind of assistance mission in Afghanistan is currently. No matter whether in the army or of the police training, to raise foreign soldiers or police officers considerably more time for Self-protection as for the actual Training.

Who is behind the attack is still unclear. The terrorist guerrillas of the Taliban, otherwise very quickly with a claim of responsibility or Twitter messages about your attacks, remained silent until the evening.

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