Egypt has reported another German because of terrorist suspicion, and sent back to Germany.

According to SPIEGEL information, the 18-year-old Isa El Sabbagh landed on Monday morning with a Lufthansa plane in Frankfurt. The young man from casting is now being questioned by police officers, in order to clarify the allegations against him, it said in security circles.

The student who possesses both the German as well as the Egyptian nationality, was started a week before Christmas by plane to Luxor. From there, he wanted to fly the same evening to Cairo, and his grandfather visit.

father had tried to son free to get

After landing in Luxor, but the man from Hesse disappeared without a trace, his family issued a missing person’s report. The Egyptian authorities admitted only two weeks later, on the urgent Demands of the Federal foreign office that they had taken El Sabbagh, because of terror suspicion.

they suspect that the young German of a terrorist group wanted to connect to the Sinai, as he led card material. His family denies the charge vigorously.

Already at the end of last week a young German Student from Egypt had been brought to Germany against him, a terror suspect is, according to the local authorities.

the father of The now returning Germans had tried in the past few days, with public Access, to free his son. On an Internet platform Mohamed El Sabbagh has collected more than 53,000 signatures, the father traveled on the weekend myself to Egypt to meet his son.

NGO estimates of the number of political prisoners in Egypt, with 60,000

How valid the allegations of the Egyptians is difficult to say. Under the rule of President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi , that people who apply to the security services as a suspect, disappear without a trace. If you show up at some point but again, mostly in prison.

at least 60,000 of the Human rights organization Human Rights Watch estimates the number of political prisoners in Egypt. President Sisi said recently: “We have no political prisoners.”

The families of the two German feared a long time, your sons to the same fate as the Italian students Giulio Regeni, the researched as a PhD student on the topic of trade unions in Cairo threatened.

Regeni disappeared in January 2016, his battered body was discovered nine days later, at a roadside. The government in Cairo denies that it have something to do with it. In Rome you can see the different: one suspected Egyptian secret service employees to have Regeni murdered.

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