The Federal government deprives the Iranian airline Mahan Air’s operating permit in Germany. The Federal aviation office in Braunschweig, Germany, will refuse to grant the airline permission to land, according to the Reuters news Agency and relies on the government circles.

Behind the ban on the suspicion that the committed secret service of the Islamic Republic of suicide bombings in Europe and more planned, according to “süddeutsche Zeitung”, NDR and WDR. The airline, which since 2011 is on a sanction list of the United States, flying from Tehran to Dusseldorf and Munich.


goes beyond EU sanctions, in addition to a number of EU States accuse Iran to be engaged in espionage activities or terrorist attacks in their countries involved. In the Federal government, it was emphasized that it was General of the Iran sanctions, but with the concrete step against a single company. The step goes beyond the EU sanctions.

the reason for the ban of Mahan Air in Germany, according to Reuters, security reasons, and the suspicion that the Airline will used by the Iranian revolutionary guard for military purposes. Mahan Air in suspicion of its use for terrorist purposes.

With the machines of the Airline will be flown to the US information fighters, weapons and ammunition to Syria. For years, the government in Washington allies, urging Mahan air operations.

The Federal Prosecutor’s office determined Recently also on suspicion of spying for Iranian intelligence service against a German-Afghan man who was for the army. Against the on Tuesday in the Rhineland arrested man was on 6. December of last year, a warrant has been issued, according to the Department.

Abdul Hamid S. is the analyser and the country of Language study Advisor to the Bundeswehr. The Federal government has protested because of espionage suspicion officially with the Iranian government.


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