The police at Frankfurt airport, has taken in the investigation in connection with the possible preparation of a terrorist attack and a fifth Suspect. The 53-year-old man went to the officials on his arrival at the airport in the network, the Land criminal office (LKA) of Baden-Württemberg. It is a warrant existed against him.

A free

On Wednesday evening the police had arrested a 39-year-old woman and two 33, and 49-year-old men. In addition, was in the meantime arrested another man, who was later set free.

Overall, now sit four Suspects in custody. The information that you will be accused of preparing a serious seditious Offence. In addition, the suspicion of illegal weapons possession. Details of the investigator is not called. To made also of their nationality, the authority is no information. Whether an Islamist Background exists, is also unclear.

at the Frankfurt airport Arrested was the brother of the on Wednesday arrested a 49-Year-old, it was at the LKA Baden-Württemberg, and the public Prosecutor’s office in Karlsruhe. He was suspected to be at the Handover of a weapon of war have been involved or to have these stored.

Kalashnikov rifle with ammunition

With the alleged spying attempt at Stuttgart airport have to do this process, said the criminal investigation Department in Stuttgart: “There is no connection at all.” Because of the suspicion of the airport-Exploits of the apartments searched were in Baden-Württemberg have also been. The suspicion was not corroborated.

The woman and the two men had been arrested on Wednesday evening in a four-Apartment searches in Mannheim and the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis. It officials had seized at a property in plank city, a Kalashnikov rifle with ammunition. The fully automatic weapon, fall under the war weapons control act. On Friday, the arrest warrant against the three Suspects was issued. Late Saturday evening, the arrest of the 53-Year-old and, hence, the fifth arrest and fourth arrest warrant followed.

A further search of property and a fourth arrest on Friday night in Mannheim had not brought the police. On Friday in Mannheim arrested man had been set early on Saturday morning on foot, said the police spokesman. Accordingly, there is no connection between him and the under suspicion of terror related Suspects.


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