The control of hand Luggage and of one’s own body most of the passengers perceive as a necessary but annoying part of your trip. Particularly nerve-wracking, the procedure will form, if at counters long queues and the departure date is getting closer.

In the past year have missed at peak times, thousands of passengers will not only be in Frankfurt for their flights, the checks have played their part. But a new System is being tested at airports in Hamburg and Frankfurt, is now promising improvement.

The Trick seems to be simple, because it’s all about, to be able to control overtake . Already at the entrance to the new configuration, three passengers will be able to sort your hand Luggage, liquids and Computer out and hang up. The experienced frequent flyers no longer need to wait , until the flight newcomer finally found the deodorant and in the required clear bag Packed. Also in the further course, the inspectors have the possibility of individual pieces of Luggage and passengers out, without any other stop.

The leading Federal police stand in 2018, in the fierce criticism of airports and Airlines – Lufthansa. The German controls were tax , and also in an international comparison, not effective enough , scolded the Frankfurt airport boss Stefan Schulte. In Munich, it came in the summer, will have serious consequences for margin of safety: A woman could go through a security gate, without being controlled. Subsequently, the Federal police evacuated two departure halls, with 330 flights were canceled, more than 30,000 passengers were affected.

The major airports want to control the use of private security forces on the tapes in the future and, if possible, the facilities plan. The Federal police should only perform the technical supervision, it is proposed, for the but the of the aviation security act should be modified.

How are the results of the Tests?

The Federal police will now have to prove that you can make it even better. The two new lanes are significantly more efficient than the previous, reported the Frankfurter Directorate on Friday. Exact Figures are not available yet, but Reportedly it comes in the new tracks at least twice as fast as in the past, .

However, the new plants need more space than the old: In the summer of planned cultivation at Frankfurt Terminal 1 instead of ten conventional lines for around 10 million euros are to be seven new series built-in. The hourly capacity could rise from around 800 to about 1500 passengers . This would, in particular, to accelerate the procedures at the boarding gate A, which is mainly used by Lufthansa.

Technically, more is possible. The at German airports used x-ray equipment all come from an industrial hall in the Wiesbaden District heritage home. Around 600 people develop, build, and distribute for the British conglomerate Smiths annually, approximately 4000 high-sensitivity Scanner for military and civilian applications. Whether high-security conferences such as Davos, courts and prisons, large events such as the football world Cup or the security areas of the airports: Anywhere devices of Smiths Detection, which sees itself as European market leader. The export rate is over 80 percent.

passenger control at Frankfurt airport

For head of development Rainer Henkel is out of the question: Which is currently at German airports installed Scanner may have a much higher throughput per hour create . “The neck of the bottle is not on the device, but in front of it and behind it,” says the engineer.

computer tomography for carry-on baggage

A further convenience, a jump could bring the next, just getting to the end of the year 2018, the certified Generation of Smiths-Scanner, says Henkel. For the first time, the well-known medical technique of computed tomography (CT) is used for hand Luggage. Instead of four Supervisory images, as in the past, up to 800 shots of the Luggage piece to be on the screen three-dimensional views, and the layer of x-ray of you in a way that the objects are created without the loss of speed.

Laptops and liquids could remain in your hand Luggage, because with just a click of the mouse, the Operator can hide them on the screen. Previously, they were sorted out in order to simplify the x-ray image.

The CT technique is used at the check-in Luggage since 2012, the new in Europe, already approved hand Luggage-scanners, among other things, in the USA, Australia and in Amsterdam tested. Liquids, Laptops, and other remain a technical device in the future, in a suitcase, it would be more comfortable for passengers and would have the desirable side effect that the number of scanned Luggage sinks.

The new units are more expensive than their predecessors, recognises Smiths Detection-sales-in-chief Alexander Around. Whether they are used at German airports, depends on the decision of the Federal procurement fungsamts.

Also with the new tracks there will be in Frankfurt, waiting times, finally, in the summer, the nine new units 180 with the old technology. The Federal police called on Fraport now, for the bigger lanes on the other approaches, additional land available – but this was possibly at the expense of more lucrative retail space. Also, the airlines could contribute to faster checks, if you have reduced hand baggage allowance on your ticket policy.

Christian Ebner, dpa

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