Many people put on these days blindfolds, and wander through their homes and disseminate Videos in social media. Why do people make something like this Trash? Inspired to the test of courage, she escapes the Thriller “Bird Box” to the streaming service, Netflix, in which Sandra Bullock with a blindfold around the head in front of a dark Power. The Videos of imitators collect on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook under the Hashtag #birdbox challenge.

In one of the short Clips a man with two children, runs his hands blindly through the room until the smaller child against the wall bounces. Other Videos show motorists behind the wheel with a blindfold.

Netflix saw himself after the first wave even forced a warning (which was at the same time, of course, advertising for the Film). “I can’t believe I have to say this,” it said on the Twitter Account with the Streaming provider. “Please hurt you, not in this ‘Bird Box Challenge’.”

Video for “Bird-Box-Challenge”


The “Bird-Box-Challenge” is only one of many tests of courage, which resulted in recent years in social networks sensation. In the case of the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, for example, participants poured themselves for the good purpose bucket with ice-cold water over your head and donated for the study of nervous disease.

In the case of the “Plank Challenge” made thousands of exercises in the most unusual places fitness. And in the case of the “Choking Challenge”, the called according to media reports, even deaths, were people are intentionally faint. All of this is captured on Video, and visible to all in the network.

“to Show that one belongs to”

“You do there, to show that you belong to”, declared the communication scientist Jan-Hinrik Schmidt, who researched at the Hamburg Leibniz-Institute for media research, new public spheres, the Online world. In addition to the gain of information, self-presentation and relationship maintenance were the most important functions of social media for their users.

conventional tests of courage, as it is known since a long time, from the schoolyard, the Challenges according to the researcher, mainly due to their high range.

While some actions, such as the “Ice Bucket Challenge” by donating to a good cause, others only the taking part, and To Display of themselves. In the case of some of the right is harmless. This dance Challenges, such as the from New York imported “Harlem Shake” or the “model Challenge”, where one remains in a motionless Pose.

Dangerous it is when actions such as the “Tide Pod Challenge”, for which the Participating to Laundry detergent bite capsules. To prove their own courage and to damage, perhaps even, is some of the Internet Trends in the nature of things.

More attention than in the past

“These cases there are, because some Challenges are risky. It has nothing to do directly with the proliferation of social media,” says media researcher Schmidt. He believes that more people will come to harm as in the case of other acts of courage. Through the Internet, these cases would get more attention.

The land centre for media and communication in Rhineland-Palatinate, a coordinated EU non-riding Initiative “klicksafe” advises, contributions of the high-risk Challenges continue to fade. The Same also applies to warnings ahead of the actions – as these fuelled the spread.

Completely avoid it, however, probably also in the future, that people can get for 30 seconds of attention to bruises or toxic substances to incorporate. “This is a pop culture phenomenon,” says Schmidt.

In case of doubt, only solution is to Wait and see. For much longer than a few weeks has no Trend of this type.

Larissa Schwedes, dpa/mbö

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