Lars Eidinger (l) and Bjarne girl in the “25 km/h”-Premiere in Berlin

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The Berlin-based actor Lars Eidinger (42, “Mack the knife – Brecht’s the Threepenny movie”) and his Hamburg-based colleague, Bjarne Mädel (50, “The scene of the crime play cleaner”) in the road movie Comedy “25 km/h” (cinema start: 31. October), two unequal brothers, Top-Manager, Christian, and carpenter George. After the funeral of the father, the two decide to finally live their childhood dream and travel with the ancient mopeds across Germany.

In the course of the movie, you chug, then, but not only by fascinating landscapes, the two fight, dance, play table tennis, and much more. What was the biggest challenge and what is it with the Songs “Boys Don’t Cry” (1984) and “Close To Me” (1985), the cult British band The Cure on yourself, girl, and Eidinger in a double interview with the news Agency spot on news explained.

you play as two brothers who deal with their relationship. To what extent were you able to draw on private experience?

Bjarne girl: I don’t have a brother, and could therefore rely on no experience.

Lars Eidinger: I have a four years older brother. We were together in the US and have made this trip so somehow.

What are you interested in the brothers-constellation?

Lars Eidinger: it is Interesting that the brothers find each other again and that there is a real Affection. I would add that Bjarne and I knew each other before the shoot. Over the rotation period, but also a relationship, very intimate, outgoing, and loving. We have found about this movie.

What do you think of the basic idea of the movie, a childhood dream of much later, but still live?

Lars Eidinger: In a certain age, between 40 and 50, one begins to take stock and ask: what are the longings you started off as a child? As one has imagined his life? And what of what I promised myself from the life that has been redeemed? I like the idea of the movie, that they say: back Then, we had always the dream to ride mopeds by Germany, let us now make…

they have a fight scene – did that hurt?

Bjarne girl: fights or scuffles in the Film must be either very carefully and week long rehearsed, choreographed, or you risk something and do not strain. We trusted each other, and us to choose the latter and simply properly tussled. In acting school we had the same acrobatics teacher education – Lars in Berlin, I was in Potsdam. Since we have learned a few rules, as to the other Eight and still full of energy. So often, we don’t have to do it then.

Lars Eidinger: Actually, similar to your Sex scene?

Bjarne Mädel: Not quite. For the Sex scenes, Franka had Potent and I rehearsed for a week and that has paid off then…

is a complete surprise to the quilt scene. What was the biggest challenge?

Lars Eidinger: I know that it has rained on this day of shooting almost continuously, so we couldn’t actually rotate at all. Because you can’t tell: Two guys steppes in the rain, and all find it great. We have then used each of the short rain break. To preserve In this Situation, in a good mood and not to despair, because one has trained in a long time, and now not so easy to deliver, was actually the biggest challenge. Our acting colleagues, Alexandra Maria Lara and Franka Potente, which are in these scenes, have helped us because they saw us for the first Time, steppes and were thrilled.

they also play a lot of table tennis in the movie. What would you like dear?

Lars Eidinger: table tennis, we loved both and looking forward to the steppes, we have tormented both of us for a little bit. Nevertheless, the us has made the result of happy, because it looks really great. Alone, this synchronicity in the steppes has total charm. The effort has paid off.

Bjarne Mädel: table tennis has made me even so much fun that I do it in any case – the steppes. Maybe you can read about what is to me more?

Lars Eidinger: And the one with the Sex you do, maybe even more.

Bjarne girl: Yes, I had already thought, but I’m not the right coach found…

The Film is, among other things, by the “The Cure”song “Boys Don’t Cry” (1984) and “Close To Me” (1985) paints. Why?

Bjarne girl: This has to do with the memory of the 1980s. In this time, the characters we play were young, and to just get this sense of life of that time back.

Lars Eidinger: it is Interesting, by the way, that you have to buy those songs for the movies, while you can use the on TV easy. So, it’s been insanely expensive, but I think the Director Markus Goller and writer Oliver Ziegenbalg, who produced the Film, was it’s just as important – and personally, I’m very happy about that, because I love The Cure. I can remember, however, that Maren Ade wanted to have for our Film “All other” (2009) Kate-Bush-Song. However, because the song had a cost of 80,000 Euro, it was not feasible. Such orders of magnitude it is.

Bjarne Mädel: the music rights to recover, we need every member of your audience.


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