The Federal government is expected for this year, a drastic downturn in the economy. In the new annual economic report, the present Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU) on the next Wednesday, after information of the MIRROR for 2019 is only a growth of 1,0 percent. This means in comparison to the autumn forecast a significant correction downwards. At that time, the economic experts, the Federal government had said for 2019, with a Plus of 1.8 percent advance.

the reason for the restrained development is the lack of dynamics, which had shown the German economy in the second half of 2018. The Federal government expects that domestic demand remains intact. Because of the simmering trade conflicts and the unexplained departure of Britain from the EU suffered from the exports.

Despite the dip in growth in the upswing continues in the labour market, according to the Federal government. She expects a new record number for the job.

To 2020 look Altmaiers experts with greater optimism. Then the German economy will grow by 1.6 percent.


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