In the spot light on a stage in Berlin-Kreuzberg three thick meat are the sausages. In a aluminum Grill next to the cheese melts rods on ham and salt. Behind the Grill by Luke Diestel. Together with Jonathan spoon leg, he has started two years ago, a Blog went through the roof: On the page named “Worst of the chef” and collect the two Cologne since the beginning of 2017, the most absurd dishes in the famous recipe collection has to offer Online.

The creations from your “recipe collection of horror” cook is now in front of an audience – including the salt-and-pinion casserole. What the two cook on the stage, is eaten together with the audience. Especially the Nutella-meat-sausage-cheese-Toast-in short “Nufleika”, the night in Kreuzberg is good and earns some laughs, as it is served on paper plates by the series.

salt-and-pinion casserole against heal the world

Thistle and spoon leg are something like Anti-food blogger: Perfectly arranged images as they publish many Amateur chefs on the Internet, you will not find on your Blog. The idea for the “Worst of the chef” came to the two of them in a night of drinking at the bar. Well, two years later, they have about 170,000 Followers.

Luke Diestel (left) and Jonathan spoon leg

The cultural scientist Gunther Hirschfelder is not surprising that people will pay money for a Show in the food in the unsavoury shape is stirred. In a “Hyper-moral world,” was exactly the Right thing, believes the scientists of the University of Regensburg, the research focuses on food and the culture of everyday life. “From a joke about a salt-and-pinion casserole, since I’ll be without prejudice to out of it.”

In the crowd of food bloggers, the recipes for publication in the network cookbook photographing Mature, and describe, the Nutella-meat-sausage-cheese-Toast in fact, like a foreign body.

Vegan goulash

The opposite can be found on food blogs such as sugar & hunter’s sausage. A spoon dipped by cracked caramel in the underlying Crème brûlée, sugar frosting runs over stacked, stuffed Croissants: eat in a way that it takes place in social media appeal, Isabelle Frederick and Julia Stephan.

pork sausage? . With the Berlin bloggers there are – other than the Name of the blog suggests – exclusively vegan recipes. From goulash to burgers: All of the vegetable.

The vegan tips to come, especially in women between the ages of 20 and 35 from big cities, white blogger Isabelle Friedrich. Nearly 11,000 Followers, the two with the animal-free diet have on Instagram. Diet have today, the importance of music in the sixties have had, the 24-Year-old. Via Blog and Instagram, the two will find a Community. “About food to communicate what is important,” says Friedrich.


Blogs stages like the the two women in culture assigns a scientist Gunther hirschfelder of an urban Elite. About the content the Ideal would be communicated. “Food has a new function,” says the scientist.

If you’ve spoken in the sixties, years ago, about diet, “then the specific food”. In the digital age, nutrition, and food blogs have become platforms of self-expression. In the 20th century. Century, have ordained for the major societal ideologies, today, the be done about scenes. For that, Blogs are the perfect biotope, the culture of scientists.

In the case of platforms such as this one is different. Here it is a matter not of the Political but of simple, inexpensive recipes says Hirschfelder. With their Show Diestel and spoon leg, the numerous food blogs want to pull a little through the cocoa, the inventors of pretzel sticks casserole and “Nufleika”Toast, but no. “It’s not supposed to come round a laugh,” says Diestel.

Anne Pollmann, dpa/sop

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