Germany’s foreign Minister Heiko Maas has suggested that the OSCE observer mission in Ukraine, on the Azov sea. The could be due to travel for Ukrainian vessels is guaranteed, said Maas, on the sidelines of the meeting of foreign Ministers of the organization for security and cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Milan. The proposal should come on Tuesday with a German-French attempt at mediation between Russia and the Ukraine.

“will not be so easy, because the fronts are very hardened,” said the SPD politician. “I believe that the is considered to be on the side of the Ukraine is quite as useful. On the Russian side, however, is very, very skeptical,” he said then. Previously, the OSCE observers in Eastern Ukraine are in operation to monitor compliance with the peace agreement of Minsk.

The Russian coast guard had a few days ago, patrol the Ukrainian Navy boot denied transit through the Strait of Kerch, and one of the ships rammed. Russia has set three Ukrainian ships and at least 23 sailors. According to the Ukrainian secret service, the Ukrainian secret service officers were including. The Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko imposed after the incident for 30 days, the law of war.

“Quick and strong” response

The Ukrainian foreign Minister, Pavlo Klimkin, invited to the OSCE meeting a “quick and strong” response to Russian “Aggression”. For the fifth Time in a row, the meeting of foreign Ministers from the “destabilizing behavior” of Russia was dominated, he said. This means a “significant threat to European security”. It is the task of the United Nations to provide an international response. Klimkin demanded the “immediate release” in Russia detained Ukrainian Navy soldiers.

Russia’s foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in Milan that there is a “crisis of confidence in the Atlantic Europe”, triggered by the “reckless expansion” of the Nato military Alliance. A “small group of States” birds in your “quest of dominance” to “blackmail, pressure and threats” and will not hesitate to “coarse in the interior of matter, to interfere. The support for the “coup in Ukraine” in the spring of 2014 was unprecedented.

The sea of Azov is located in Russia-occupied Crimea Peninsula and is connected only by a narrow Strait, the Strait of Kerch to the Black sea. Russia, the Kerch Strait as its own territory, the Ukrainian port cities of Mariupol are dependent, however, on the way through the Strait.

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