Even after the turn-in of U.S. President Donald Trump, the budget is not over a dispute in the U.S. for a long time: About five weeks after the start of the Shutdown, US President, Donald Trump had announced on Friday a breakthrough in the bitter budget dispute with the Democrats. He was proud to have reached an agreement, the government will re-open, Trump said in the rose garden of the White house.

The solemn words suggested a political success of the President – de facto, represents the Zwischenetat but his provisional capitulation to the opposition Democrats who oppose his Plan to build a wall on the border to Mexico, persistent. The President requested $ 5.7 billion for the construction of the wall are in dispute over the budget is the sticking point.

Without the Democrats, no budget can be decided. Not only do they have since the beginning of the year, the majority in the house of representatives. Some of your votes will be used also in the Senate, where for all budget legislation, 60 of the 100 votes are necessary. Trumps the Republicans had to defend in the congressional elections in November, though its majority in this chamber, but have just 53 seats.

Trumps extreme solution

Trump announced, a non-partisan Committee made up of members of the house of representatives and the Senate will now “consult immediately” on measures for border security. Because the President insists on the construction of a wall, which he described as a vital defensive measure against illegal immigration, human trafficking and drug smuggling: “We really have no other choice than to build a mighty wall or steel barrier.”

Trump also warned: If there is no “fair Deal” with the Congress came into being, there will be either a new budget lock – or he’ll make of his constitutional rights, declare a state of emergency.

Trump had already been threatened in the past few weeks, with the state of emergency Declaration. He could try using this extreme solution, to get hold of a bypassing of the Congress the money for the construction of the wall. However, a tough struggle in the courts of the state of emergency regulation would be expected.


The Democrats were confident that the Trump of the electorate would be made for the increasing Chaos in the Shutdown responsible. Surveys show that you were right. Conservative commentators Trump attacked as weak. The leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, expressed the expectation that Trump have learned through the financial blockade, “his lesson”.

it remained Unclear whether Trump will now keep its originally for next Tuesday’s planned state of the Union speech in Congress. He had recently announced on Twitter a shift, after him, the democratic Chairman of the house of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, citing her right to the shift close. Rich in tradition, the speech is usually held in the hall of the house of representatives.


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