There was a parents meeting, a survey of parents by around 20 teachers, as well as a number of discussions. At the end of a popular Waldorf school has now decided in Berlin: The child already existed prior to any Training so a lot of conversations and Trouble, is not included.

The reason: the father of The child is a Berlin-based AfD-member. As the “Berliner Zeitung” reported, informed the managing Director of the Association of the state-recognized private school: “in the face of this conflict, the school sees no possibility of the child with the necessary objectivity and impartiality – both of which are basic requirements in order to promote the development of the child adequately.”

“A school is like the magnifying glass of society,” said the man, therefore, and reminded that parents of Waldorf schools are particularly active, the children, for example, on trips to accompany. Educators, teachers, parents and upper level students were, according to the report in the newspaper, for months, at odds, at the end of a five-member panel decided.

education Senator sees the decision as “extremely critical”

The Berlin education Senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) evaluated this decision as “extremely critical”, reports the “Berliner Zeitung” on Sunday. According to present knowledge, the private school inspection had been switched on, said Scheeres’ spokeswoman Beate Stoffers accordingly, on Sunday. This could now explain exactly what is standing behind the decision. This constitutes, perhaps, against the anti-discrimination act.

The education policy spokesman for the Waldorf schools in Berlin-Brandenburg, Detlef Hardorp, also criticised, according to the newspaper report the decision at the weekend. “People of all political preferences should be able to send their children to Waldorf schools,” said Hardorp. The Waldorf schools in 2007 had found in the Stuttgart Declaration against discrimination explicitly, that you of all people as free and equal in Dignity and Rights reputation, “regardless of ethnic affiliation, national or social origin, gender, language, Religion, political or other opinion”.

it Is taken a child into custody?

According to the “Berliner Zeitung” were expressed at the school before, on the one hand, fears that the father of the child “could endanger xenophobic or nationalist Expressions of the school of peace”. On the other hand, there were warning voices that referred to the freedom of speech and criticised the fact that here is a child in guilt by Association.

The child had already visited the connected Waldorf-Kita – actually, a plus point, if you are applying later on one of the coveted school places. The father said to the newspaper, he wanted to separate the Political and the Private is strictly. “How should we now explain to our child that his friends are not allowed to change in the coming year at the Waldorf school, but we are allowed over there?”

The Berlin administration for education, said, according to the “daily mirror” that free schools should not select children according to attitude. At a public school, the child of the Berlin AfD-man will now, of course. Private schools, however, have quite the right students according to a certain school profile.

children of Caroline Sommerfeld had to Waldorf school

It is not the first Time that a Waldorf school has Trouble with children, their parents, the so-called New Right’s belong to: In Hitzacker, a school announced the agreement with a family, whose father is a NPD man. And this summer, the Executive Board of the Waldorf school in Vienna, West decided in the Austrian capital, two boys must leave the school, because her mother is the philosopher Caroline Sommerfeld, an icon of the New Right.

in Addition, the case touches on several sensitive and controversial topics: the Berlin AfD group has set up an Online complaint portal and the teacher. So the party want to intimidate, apparently, critical educators and children to Inform on their lead. And, although there has long been alarm systems, for the case that educators do not behave in a neutral way.

Waldorf schools warned against capture by rich citizens

Since the history of Waldorf education: books of the founder, Rudolf Steiner is caught in the past in the crosshairs of the Federal Ministry for family Affairs, because they included a verifier according to the racist passages.

And a few years ago, the German Federation of Waldorf schools has warned its members against capture by the radical right-wing Reich citizens ‘ movement. In the case of the rich citizens of Esoteric ideas and the right went “radicalism Hand-in-Hand”, – was stated in the information Bulletin. Earlier, the managing Director of a Waldorf school had been dismissed in Rendsburg, because he had contacts to rich citizens.

Some administrators want to avoid, according to the “Berliner Zeitung” against this Background, that Waldorf schools are perceived as the preferred educational institutions of AfD politicians.


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