The Turkey moves the announced Offensive on the Kurdish militia YPG in Northern Syria. Among other things, it had prompted a phone call with US President Donald Trump to wait with the attack “a while”, said Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul. However, Turkey will not postpone the planned attack forever.

Erdogan announced last week, a military offensive against the YPG in Northern Syria. Trump ordered again this week for the withdrawal of US soldiers from Syria. This should leave the war-torn country, would be the way for a Turkish attack on Northern Syria. The government in Ankara sees the YPG is an offshoot of the outlawed Kurdish workers ‘ party PKK.

Erdogan welcomed trump’s announcement, U.S.-troops from Syria to deduct. He’ll stay with this in mind, but “carefully”, said the Turkish President. Turkey will also be able to against the terrorist militia “Islamic state” (IS) and the country of the terrorist militia “clean” fight.

the Kurds see the fight against IS in danger

In the case of a Turkish attack on Northern Syria, the Kurds who live to see the fight against the IS in danger. The Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) would be forced, of their troops from the Front with the IS to withdraw and relocate to the border with Turkey, said the leading Kurdish representative Ilham Ahmed on a visit to Paris.

Ahmed is the Co-Chairman of the political arm of the YPG-mentioned SDF. Their troops are in Syria, the main Partner of the USA in the fight against the IS. The YPG and local allies are currently in the East of the civil war of the country against one of the last IS-bastions to the place Hadschin.

There, the militants went further. The Syrian Observatory for human rights reported that the SDF moved troops against the IS. A SDF-speaker of the language, however, of a counter-offensive of the jihadists.


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