The Trouble, but also the shock, it should be noted Inge brand Maier. The 62-Year-old is talking literally in a Rage. Great the Stress of the past few days. The snow on the roof was very high, especially in front of the house is a wall of White from the cold of your family is seriously made life. Brand Maier lives in Cluj-height, a District of Berchtesgaden and your home is 1000 meters in height, completely covered in snow.

“The snow was so high that we could not use the door, but with the head over the balcony to the window, had to climb,” she says. Still, the snow on this Sunday morning, in many Parts of the property more than two meters high. Troublesome for the residents of some of the courses through the masses of Snow dug from the garden, nothing more to see.


Also on the roof the snow would have been high, says brand Maier. She feared that the burden, perhaps a window breaking, or that your family will be completely snowed in. “I was really scared,” says brand Maier. Later, she breaks out in an Interview in front of the camera for a short time in tears.

in addition to Inge Brandmaier life-her husband, her daughter, son-in-law and seven-month grandson in the property. For more than three decades of Berchtesgaden was already their home, says brand Maier. “But this is something I’ve experienced yet.”

Inge Brandmaier in front of your house

Also the daughter of Nina Renoth, which bears the small Lorenz on the Arm, reported later: Yes, you’ve been afraid of. You and Inge Brandmaier angry, but the anger is directed against the authorities. “Because of, because one will be helped,” said Brandmaier. On the first day was occupied in citizens phone. Later, it welcomed then, with the pending roof evictions were urgent.

The multi-generational family put finally. During the day most of the time was geschippt. “In addition, we have engaged a company that helped us the rooms,” says brand Maier’s son-in-law Christian Renoth. The 38-Year-old is happy that many Acquaintances and friends would lend a hand. “We have to stick together in emergencies.” He has understanding for the authorities. The district office will certainly choose to risk the situation where it first helped.

Gerhard Schmitz, the husband of Inge Brandmaier, snow and chipping

Actually, the assistant in the County works Berchtesgadener country in full swing, the district office got a call on Thursday the case of a disaster. According to the authorities, more than 1600 workers, about the volunteer fire departments, the THW, the Federal armed forces, the Federal police, or of the mountain in the district in the Southeast of Bavaria is currently watching. But it has been a struggle: In the case of the use of lines of messages about nearly 900 of the roofs have now been received, which are covered by considerable snow load; up to Saturday evening were able to be shoveled, according to the district office with only about 300 of them.

Video: Bundeswehr helps with the winter service


First of all, the Bundeswehr and other forces would clear the roofs, in the case of acute danger, says a spokesman for the district administrative office. It will be graded according to urgency. Of course there could be, therefore, some of the disappointed house owner.

The fear is that a building could crack under the weight of the snow. In memory of the people in upper Bavaria, is still the disaster of Bad Reichenhall in 2006: As there is an ice skating rink collapsed, killing 15 people. In Inzell, in the district of Traunstein is crashing in the night from Thursday to Friday, the roof of a warehouse, no one was injured.

broken roof in Inzell

Particularly affected by the in comparison to the last years heavy Snow fall in the Region, the Berchtesgadener District of the Book. For a week the road was blocked there. The trees threatened to break under the snow load. On Sunday afternoon, the soldiers cut the road finally, at least for now. The houses in the book amount extremely a lot of snow, but still.

soldiers should vacate on Sunday, the roofs are free, with armoured chain numerous mountain hunters to vehicles at noon up to the book height – with a special guest on Board: German defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen. At the top of the height arrived, they praises the work of the force: “It is for our soldiers is an important use. It means a lot to us that we are included here in Bavaria as well, are welcome in the communities are well-integrated into the community.” The German army was coming, when they’ll be needed. “And it remains so as long as it is needed.”

One of the urgently needed, is the main corporal Ferdinand Hammer. The 19-year-old soldier from in Bischofswiesen stationed mountain infantry battalion 232 has just been poured on one of the roofs the snow down. He was careful, afraid that he had. “We know what we are doing,” he says. Hammer is wearing a white-and-grey winter uniform and is happy: “It is a very good feeling to help the people here.”

Grateful about Christian behind Brandner is the mountain hunters. The Director of the asthma center in the book amount, with around a hundred chronically ill children and adolescents, says, because of the commitment of the mountaineers, it was possible to provide the young patients. For a week, the centre is in emergency mode runs. Employees had to be brought to the last days of the German army and picked up. “It’s good that we get the help,” says behind Brandner.

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