Saudi Arabia has rejected a symbolic decision by the US Senate for the cessation of American aid to Riyadh-led military operation in Yemen categorically. The decision of the Senate is based on “content-free assertions and allegations,” said the Saudi foreign Ministry on Monday night.

in Addition, the action of the Senate was a “blatant interference in the internal politics of the Kingdom,” the Agency quoted SPA more from the message. “The Kingdom condemns the latest position of the US Senate.”

The senators had made last week, with two resolutions frontally against the course of US President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia. They demanded to stop the U.S. aid to Saudi Arabia-led military operation in Yemen. There, Houthi rebels have been fighting for more than four years against the supporters of the internationally recognized government. Their troops are supported by one of the Riad-led coalition air attacks.

The Yemen-Resolution will, however, be little chance of, of all things, effective. To do this, the deputies would have to agree. But there are reservations, to counteract the still comparatively tolerant attitude of President Trump with the Saudi leadership.

the Riad speaks of an “ally and friendly state,”

the Background of this Resolution, of the murder of the saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi. According to the findings of U.S. intelligence to the highest circles were Saudi Arabia to crown Prince Mohammed bin involved with Salman in the killing Khashoggis saudi Arabia’s Consulate General in Istanbul, or did at least.

In a second decision, the U.S. Senate adopted last week a Resolution, the power, the Saudi leadership for the death of Khashoggis responsible.

The foreign Ministry in Riyadh, said now that the United States is an “ally and friendly state”, and they wanted to strengthen the relations with Washington “”. The resolutions of the US Senate were “worrying”.

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criticism of Riyadh came on Sunday, also from Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a TV Interview that his government was considering arms exports to Saudi-Arabia limit. It would be examined whether there is a way to provide certain armored vehicles there. Details he called.

Trudeau tightened so that the sound in question. Most recently, he had said, an exit from a 13 billion-Dollar export business, the canadian subsidiary of US defence group General Dynamics would be associated with high costs.


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