The Istanbul Prosecutor-General has issued, in the case of the murdered Saudi government critic Jamal Khashoggi arrest warrants for two high-level Saudi officials. One of Saud al-Kahtani, one of the closest advisers of the crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, as the Turkish state news Agency Anadolu reported.

The other arrest warrant was issued against the former Vice-chief of the secret service, Ahmed al-Asiri. Both in Saudi Arabia.

at The request of the competent public Prosecutor, it was said: “in light of the information received by the judiciary in the course of their investigation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the office of the public Prosecutor to the conclusion that there is a strong suspicion that Ahmad al-Assiri, and Saud al-Kahtani were one of the planners of the incident.”

the investigation of familiar Turkish government representative said that applying for the warrants “reflects the view that the Saudi Arabian authorities not to take action against these people”. You doubt the resolve of Saudi Arabia to solve the crime. Through the delivery of the Suspects to Turkey, and these doubts could be removed, said the government representative.

Khashoggi was on 2. October at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul has been killed. The Turkish authorities make a from Saudi Arabia angereistes Murder squad responsible for this. The Saudi crown Prince is suspected of the fact, in order given, or at least of you know.

The Saudi leadership had confessed to the murder after a week-long international pressure, of any Complicity or even participation in fact, excluded. Agents from Saudi Arabia would have acted without authority, and the journalists ‘ killed, it said.

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